App of the Week (February 26, 2012): Scott’s Submarine

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One of the hardest things to do when creating an educational eBook for children is seamlessly integrating the educational material into the story without dulling down the entire eBook experience. When done right, it truly is something to be commended. And our latest App of the Week does just that — come take a ride in Scott’s Submarine! Whereas most children’s book simply help children learn how to read words, Scott’s Submarine takes that one step further. Instead of providing an irreverent story or maybe even an entertaining fable, this eBook actually doubles as a reading helper and a learning tool about the deep blue sea. So, while children can hone their reading skills with the words, they can also build up their brain banks with marine life

Follow us on Twitter to win a free copy of Dr. Brian Burton’s Corona SDK book!

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We’ve had quite a litany of Corona SDK books brought to our attention recently. We’ve already had a contest to design the cover art to one of those books, and now we have another have another book up for grabs. Last week, Dr. Brian Burton released his book, Mobile App Development with Corona. To kick off Dr. Burton’s new book, we’re giving away copies to a few of our dearest Twitter followers. To enter the running, simply follow us on Twitter and then retweet this tweet by the end of the week. We’ll pick three of our followers from all the retweets this Monday to receive a free PDF copy of the book. Looking forward to seeing you on the tweet machine!

Guest Post: Corona is rated ‘E’ for everyone

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Back in the day, the Ansca Mobile company motto was that we enabled anyone (not just seasoned engineers) to develop mobile apps. Over the last couple years, we’ve heard countless success stories from the Corona Community attesting to that. And the story of Tyler Poon below is yet another great one… My name is Tyler Poon. I am 9 years old, and I created a game using Corona SDK. I got my first taste of programming at age 7 when I started to read a book called Visual Basic Express for Kids. I also learned from doing online tutorials on a website called Code Academy. I then started watching YouTube tutorials and played around on a test program. Corona is a tool I like because it’s

Coming soon: In-app purchases for Android with Corona SDK

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And just so that you all know, we are days away from shipping it. Tops two weeks. Will update you all in a week. Disclaimer: Please note that Google In App Purchases (GIAP) is a feature only available in the Google Android Marketplace. Android apps with Google IAP will be rejected on the Amazon and NOOK app stores, though we are working with Amazon and Barnes & Noble to come up with IAP solutions for them. The Amazon Appstore is working with its own IAP and so is Barnes & Noble — so, hopefully, it won’t be long before we come out with their respective solutions.  

Guest Post: The story of Swiss sensation ‘Grooh’

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Jann Sigrist is co-founder of the Swiss-based digiDingo studio, whose game Grooh is our latest App of the Week. Grooh has some of the best artwork we’ve seen in a Corona SDK game, and has already hit #1 in Switzerland. Below, Jann talks further about how digiDingo used Corona to bring Grooh to life… My bro and I started our own company, digiDingo, in September 2011. Our first employee is Alex, a well-known game designer in the Swiss gaming scene. So far, so good… Not too interesting, right? Our main goal was to develop a cool, easy to play game. A game that can be released on iOS and Android at the same time. And to be honest, at that point, none of us had ever heard of Corona

Winners of Corona SDK book cover art contest!

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Last month, we opened submissions for cover art to the upcoming Corona SDK Game Development Beginner’s Guide by Michelle Fernandez. Earlier this month, the contest formally ended and we received more than 40 entries for us and Packt Publishing to carefully scrutinize. And now, we have found our winners!

App of the Week (February 19, 2012): Grooh

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I’ll be honest: I tend to gravitate toward games that have great graphics. Of course, perhaps more importantly, I’ll stick with games that have great gameplay. And — as is the case with most of our App of the Week selections — the game Grooh embodies both of those key elements! In Grooh, you play the titular character as he explores a giant castle in search of mythical treasure. The gameplay involves stepping on certain colored floor tiles in each level to unlock the door to the next one. While this sounds simple, it gradually gets more challenging (elastic!) and, thus, engaging. Composition-wise, Grooh is crafted with impeccable graphics and animation. The anime-inspired stylization will immediately draw in kids, while the subtle and seamless animation will make more seasoned gamers take notice

Friday Night Forum: In-app purchases are taking over the planet!

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We’ve had a lot of talk about in-app purchases (IAP’s) around these here parts. Coupled with the freemium strategy, in-app purchases can make for a very successful and lucrative app endeavor. If you build a compelling enough mobile app, maximize your audience by giving it away for free, and then monetize via highly useful in-app amenities, it can often result in higher $ returns than putting  up a purchase barrier on your app in the first place. Below, the folks behind app analytics site App Annie break down the current state of the app economy — with extra emphasis on in-app purchases. (point #4) Head over to App Annie for the full breakdown, or check out the infographic below:

Guest Post: Corona helps launch the ‘Jet Rats’

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Jadynut Games head Sun JiaJie is co-creator of Jet Rats, a graphically awesome and slightly silly game on iOS that actually is his first-ever endeavor with Corona SDK. Below, Sun details the process of going from a programming n00b to a full-fledged mobile game developer in only a few short months. Like most of people here, we were attracted by the easy-to-learn and easy-to-use nature of Corona. That meant we could take on app development as our major project for the next couple years. Before Jet Rats, I was a 3D/technical artist who worked in the game industry; my partner Wu Lina was an office worker but also a gamer. One day, we both thought: “why couldn’t we make a fun game by ourselves” All

App of the Week (February 12, 2012): Crashsite Defense

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We’ve featured a few “tower defense games” on here before, where the simple concept of defending your home base from an oncoming wave of invaders. However, our latest App of the Week take things up a notch — up all the way into outer space! Man your battle stations for Crashsite Defense. As mentioned, Crashsite Defense is a tower defense game set in space. But what separates Crashsite from the pack is its insane graphics and hilarious storyline. Your clumsy captain seems to have crashed your ship in outer space (not sure how one manages to do that) and is too paranoid to accept help from oncoming fixer robots — so you must blast them all into oblivion! A vast arsenal of cannons and lasers will help