Friday Night Forum: Apps creating jobs out of thin air

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This past week, we’ve been heavily spotlighting the recent success of Fire Maple Games with their newest release The Lost City. Surely, for people looking to spearhead their own business endeavor, the mobile apps space is indeed a promising one. Whether you’re merely a concepts person or an all-around designer/programmer, getting a team together or going it alone with a mobile app operation is a very feasible and potentially rewarding pursuit. The mobile space is currently one of the most democratized in the business world — a true meritocracy where pretty much anyone can succeed with a good design and execution. Carlos has explained how Corona’s cross-platform capabilities are more crucial than ever in keeping up with the ever-expanding mobile world. But now, CNET also

Interview: Fire Maple Games spill their secrets to App Store success

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A little over a year ago, Fire Maple Games owner Joe Kauffman wrote a guest post here about the secrets behind creating his stellar game, The Secret of Grisly Manor. Now, after the runaway success of his brand new game, The Lost City, (in a nutshell, it’s taking over the world!) we’ve decided to pick Joe’s brain for more secrets… One of the biggest complaints about Grisly Manor was that it was too short. So, from the outset, The Lost City was designed to be much larger in scope. For one, the mechanics of changing seasons in the game required four times the artwork for much of the game. Grisly Manor took seven months to complete whereas Lost City took a little over a year. In addition to all

Corona SDK × inneractive February promo

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Last month, we teamed up with our new buddies at inneractive to bring you an awesome January promo where you got to keep 100% of your ad revenue! And since a ton of you loved that promo so much, we’ve decided to do another promo with inneractive for February! From now until the end of the shortest month of the year, inneractive advertising maven Orly Tsesis will give Corona developers personal feedback about where to place ads in your app. This is important since ad placement always has to be balanced with things like user experience and engagement points to make the most of your ad monetization endeavors — and Orly is here to give you that advice for free! All in all, this is yet

App of the Week (February 5, 2012): The Lost City

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When somebody builds up a “brand,” they tend to have a certain level of awesomeness expected of anything with their name on it. Just ask Joe Kauffman of Fire Maple Games, creator of our latest App of the Week, the intricate and gorgeous puzzle-adventure The Lost City! Kauffman’s previous creation The Secret of Grisly Manor was a similar puzzle-adventure that saw massive success — and from all early indications (already #1 in many countries on over), it looks like The Lost City is on track to eclipse Grisly Manor. Just to clarify, The Lost City is not a sequel to Grisly Manor (Joe says that will be his next project!) despite its similarities in gameplay and overall awesomeness. In Lost City, you’re tasked with investigating one of your rockstar

App of the Month (January 2012): Fire Cupid

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One day, we’re gonna have to do away with the ‘App of the Month’ award because it’s getting too dang hard to pick just one app each month! Case in point: This past January. We saw one of the most graphically ambitious games in The Passenger, a post-apocalyptic zombie adventure in ZDay, and two incredible eBooks in Where’s Paradise? and Fire Cupid. But if we have to painstakingly pick just one, it would be Fire Cupid. Plain and simple: Fire Cupid is one of the best-made learning apps (with or without Corona SDK) we’ve ever seen. The app features over an hour of video plus interactive diagrams and quizzes to review everything you’ve learned. Heck, shouldn’t every learning app (martial arts, dance, etc.) be made like that? Creators Miss Pivot have

3 games in 2 weeks with Corona

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Every now and then, we’re shown something totally awesome that we just have to put up here, on the blog. Case in point: Terry Paton. Terry has been tinkering around with Corona SDK for a few weeks now. And just the other day, he put up videos of three games that he built with Corona (the free trial version too, if I’m not mistaken). Terry told us it took him a little under two weeks to build the games, adding that it was “not full time either.” Terry followed the videos with his full thoughts on Corona, so go check those out too… …And if you have something cool to show us like Terry, tell us on Twitter or e-mail!

Guest Post: Corona SDK = eBooks for non-coders

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Our latest App of the Week is the dating guide Fire Cupid, an exceptionally crafted eBook for the iPad and Android tablets. Below, Josh from the Miss Pivot dating coach service elaborates on how he brought his vision for a truly interactive eBook using Corona SDK. If you read carefully, you might even be able to catch a hint or two at what may be in the Ansca pipeline… The story of Fire Cupid started when my business partner, Kevin Emmons, and I, Josh Mitchell, decided we wanted to write and release a book on body language. A text-filled manuscript wasn’t an option though. We are both visual people and get tired of reading thousands of words. We knew our story had to be told in a modern

Corona SDK book cover entries!

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A month ago, we opened submissions for cover art to the upcoming Corona SDK Game Development Beginner’s Guide by Michelle Fernandez. Michelle and publisher Packt had everything in place to bring you an awesome book except some awesome cover art. And that’s where you came in! The contest ended over the weekend, and we received a whopping 40 submissions from the Corona Community! We’re gonna have a lot of work to do in going thru all of these and picking a winner — but we will pick one very soon. Thanks to everyone who submitted, and be sure to check back here for the winners announcement! Oh, and you can now pre-order the book on Amazon.

App of the Week (January 29, 2012): Fire Cupid

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Last week, we featured the pristine Where’s Paradise? eBook as an example of a splendidly crafted iPad reference app. With last week’s Apple iBook announcement, it’s gonna be more important than ever for learning apps to be built with the tablet interface in mind. This week, our App of the Week is another example of that — the interactive dating guide Fire Cupid! Since we’re all nerds here, Fire Cupid is an immeasurably useful app for us all. Creators Miss Pivot are a dating coach service out of Indianapolis, and have created Fire Cupid as a guide to, in their words, stop awkward dating. In Fire Cupid, you explore real-life examples and advice on getting over the initial hurdle of meeting that special someone. Oh, and the eBook is for

Need design help? Check out our special Tapptics offer!

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Each week on this blog, we highlight a Corona app that stands out. Almost always, the best apps are the ones that have great functionality/playability and are also great to look at. Like it or not, an app’s ability to succeed and get people talking often relies on its looks. Unfortunately, not everyone is an awesome graphic artist, and a lot of indie developers out there can’t quite afford to hire one. And that’s a problem! But now, we have teamed up with Tapptics to bring you some excellent design lessons and graphics templates for your Corona apps. With Tapptics, you can now get a ‘Design Kit for Corona’ full of the following goodies to equip your app with aesthetic awesomeness: A 15-lesson game and graphic design training via