Revamped Corona app showcase, starring YOU!Also, new contest for up to 6 months of free Corona

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We are pleased to announce our new and (much) improved App Showcase page where we will flaunt your Corona creations. Basically, we want your apps and games to be as widely seen and downloaded as possible. So, if you make something particularly awesome, submit to us and we’ll put it on the page! Also, we will now be holding a running contest on the Showcase page. Each week, we will select a submitted app to be the App of the Week, which will win you top promo on the Showcase page (and our Twitter and Facebook pages) and a free 3-month extension to your Corona subscription! It doesn’t stop there — every four weeks, we will choose from the weekly winners an App of the Month

Why did Flash legend Ferry Halim decide to learn Corona?

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Ferry Halim is no stranger to game development. His web site Orisinal boasts an award-winning portfolio of  web games that he’s created with Flash over the past decade. Recently, Ferry started looking to make games for the mobile platform… And to do that, he chose Corona! Ferry has already created Flight of Fire and the newly-launched Winterbells games for iPhone, both using Corona. Below, we talk to Ferry about his journey to the mobile platform, and why Corona stood out to him as the “perfect SDK for a Flash Developer.” Background-wise, I noticed you’re primarily a Flash developer. Do you work with any additional programming languages or platforms? Currently I only work with Flash and Corona. And before Corona, I only made web games in

New Apps Showcase: Week of November 28, 2010

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Animal Preschool Word Puzzles by 22learn is another iPad app for children from the Czech-based educational app house. (check out an interview we did with them here!) Your aim is to assemble the picture of the animal from as many pieces as there are letters in the name of the animal. Try it and enjoy how your children make progress while being entertained! Apple Rush from CodeBeam Technologies lets you relive the waning days of autumn for a little bit longer! . It’s fall season at your grandpa’s farm and his apple orchard is ripe with fruit. The rush is on to save as many apples as possible before they hit the ground. Try to catch all the falling apples in your basket as quickly

Corona in Apple's top 10 development tools!

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Not sure if this is the result of today’s Downloads > Development Tools (Most Popular)” href=”” target=”_blank”>most popular development tools. We knew that Apple had already chosen Corona as a Staff Pick tool a couple months back, but the sheer popularity of Corona on the Apple site — as demonstrated here — is news to us! Thanks to you all (again) for making Corona so popular!

Happy Thanksgiving from Ansca Mobile!

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As the year comes closer to wrapping up, we’d like to extend our gratitude to our users, who deserve virtually all the credit for our explosive success these past 11 months — Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Also, we realize that a lot of you live in countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Usually, American companies take nearly this entire week off for the holiday; but for all of our international Corona users, we’ll still be around to give you a hand!

Corona Comics Tutorial: Special Effects with Text

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KA-THOOM!!!!!! Dwayne of DieHard Studio Entertainment is back with another installment of his Corona Comics tutorials showing you how to easily jazz up your iPad comics made with Corona. In this segment, Dwayne tackles special effects tricks with text to give your comics that extra “pop” to make them jump off the screen… …And in case you missed it, you can see Dwayne’s first segment about Corona Comics from last week, which showed how to easily make word balloons.

Corona webinar from November 11

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Those of you who missed our November 11 webinar a couple weeks back (or those of you who just want to go over what was was covered during the webinar) can now watch it in its entirety below. This time around, Carlos walks you through Event Listeners (one of the core functionalities of Corona), plus object level events and Runtime events. The webinar goes through a quick tutorial on the differences between the two, and covers the Corona event model using functions to create program structure and flow. Thanks for checking in, and we hope to see at the next one!

Do you want more clients? Then join our Studio Directory!

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Being in the mobile industry, we regularly come across companies who are looking to have their own mobile apps. Sometimes, they ask us if we would make an app for them using Corona, and we usually have to decline since our focus is in creating the SDK’s, not the apps. Companies and game studios don’t just want any app, they want an app that has maximum performance across a multitude of devices without having to spend extra money to go cross-platform. When they hear about Corona, they immediately see it as the most cost-effective option for them without having to sacrifice functionality. And that’s where you come in! Over the past several months, we’ve quietly began building out a Studio Directory of Corona developers to whom

Mark Sigal of Unicorn Labs reveals the 'Anatomy of an eBook'

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Last month, we talked to Mark Sigal of Unicorn Labs about his eBook Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race for iPad. At that time, Rabbit and Turtle had already cracked the Top 10 on the App Store’s list of top free eBooks. Since then, it has been featured by Apple on the iPad front page and gone on to become the #12 top-grossing (that means paid!) eBook for iPad. Naturally, people wanted to know Mark and Unicorn’s secret to making a best-selling eBook. So, yesterday he penned a guest piece for the O’Reilly Radar offering his insight from creating the top-selling Rabbit and Turtle, and gives plenty of praise to Corona in doing so. You can read the full piece by clicking the screenshot below: “Rabbit and

Corona Comics Tutorial: Word Balloons

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After Tim’s introduction to the newly revitalized Corona Comics yesterday, we thought we’d waste no time in showing you how to make your own iPad comics. One of the most important elements of comic books is word balloons. In the video below, artist Dwayne Ferguson of DieHard Studio Entertainment walks you through the process of creating word balloons for your comics using art software that most of you already have. Dwayne will be contributing more tutorials like this from now on, so all you aspiring iComic artists might want to check in regularly for those!