New Apps Showcase: Week of November 14, 2010

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Blocfall by Thomas Claburn is an addictive game recalling the arcade classics of yesteryear. Your challenge is to clear each level of falling blocks by tapping the highest block on the screen until all of them are gone. The blocks begin in a row and fall. Tapping the highest block will remove it and add points to your score. OpenFeint integration allows you to compare your score against people around the world. Doodle Sheep by Instant Mash Games is another comical, arcade-style game. Save the sheep from being sheared by the oncoming scissors by pressing the name of the colour of the scissors. It may not be as easy as it seems as the color names are not on top of the correct colors. As you

Go from "Torque2Corona" for 50% off!

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Today, the InstantAction platform — home of the Torque 2D, Torque 3D, Torque X, and iTorque 2D  toolkits — announced they will be shutting down. The fate of the Torque line is not yet certain. We know the feeling of anxiety that often comes with seeing your favorite toolkit change hands. Furthermore, not knowing even if your toolkit will continue to be backed and supported at all is even worse. So, to help ease the transition for former Torque users, we are offering Corona to new subscribers for 50% off with the promo code TORQUE2CORONA. Simply head on over to this page to get started today, or feel free to e-mail us at if you have any questions beforehand. Thanks for checking us out, and we

New Sample Apps page for Corona

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Piggybacking off the Quick Start Guide and video tutorials that we’ve recently created for you, we now bring you a newly revamped Sample Apps page! Some of the highlights of the Sample Apps page now include: Social Networking: Learn how to add Facebook and Twitter integration to your apps. Storage: These example show you how to create and read API’s. Platform-specific: When you just want to work in one platform, these sample codes that deal only with iPad, iPhone, or Droid will assist you in creating your next app or game. To see the rest, head on over to the page — oh, and let us know how you like its new layout!

Nominate Corona for 'Best Mobile Platform!'

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This past year has been an insane one (in a good way, of course), with the highlight being the tremendous and ever-increasing support from our brilliant users. In the last 12 months, we’ve gone from having only a handful of apps created with Corona to now having countless ones; from having hardly any comments on our blogposts to now barely being able to keep up with them! (again, in a good way) Now, it’s time to let the rest of the world know about that. Social media news site Mashable is now holding nominations for its fourth annual Mashable Awards. Let’s get Corona on the ballot! To nominate us, click the button below to go to the Mashable nomination page. After signing in with your

Upcoming Corona Webinar: Listeners and Functions

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We thought we’d give you a little more advanced notice this time about an upcoming Corona webinar. Picking up from his previous webinar, Carlos will be talking about Corona functions and how to structurally code your apps. Also on the agenda are Event Listeners, one of the core functionalities of Corona, plus object level events and Runtime events. This webinar also will go through a quick tutorial on the differences between the two, and will cover the Corona event model using functions to create program structure and flow. You can click into the webinar via Connect Pro this Friday, November 12 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. Hope to see you online!

New Apps Showcase: Week of November 7, 2010

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In Evermagica‘s Conga Replay, you follow the steps of a congalero by repeating sequences on four latin hand drums. Just make sure you wait until your turn comes up when you hear the chime. If you’re confident in your skillsor just want to play around, you can jam on the congas freestyle and see what beats you can come up with. For more info, check out the video demo! Dungeon Tap is the latest creation from Beebe Games. Dungeon Tap puts you in the position of “Stitches,” a living plush doll who is trapped in a deep, dark, magical dungeon where anything and everything wants to stop him from escaping. See how far you can take Stitches in this vertical-scrolling, jump-action game of survival that’s easy

Guest Post: Steffen ItterheimAuthor, Indie Game Developer, and Lua Advocate

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Steffen Itterheim is no stranger to development. He is a former software engineer/manager at Germany’s Electronic Arts division and author of the book Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development. Though he is proficient in a multitude of languages, Steffen says his favorite mobile programming script is Lua. For more specific details, we have given him the floor below to illustrate why he prefers Lua for mobile development. Steffen currently is an independent app and game developer. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his website for more info. Lua, like most languages, allows you to do specific tasks in a variety of ways. Usually some ways are more efficient and thus faster. In this blog post I’ll show you how you can squeeze