Rabbit and Turtle race to #1 in App Store

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A few weeks ago, we talked to the creators of Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race about how they used Corona to build their Top 10 eBook. Today, we are thrilled to tell you that Rabbit and Turtle have jumped to the #1 spot on the App Store’s eBook list! Congrats to creators Unicorn Labs, and thanks for making Corona a part of your magnificent achievement!

Corona wins 'Best Demo' at MobiCASE 2010!

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This past week, we presented our Physics in 5 Lines demo at the MobiCASE conference in Silicon Valley. To our most pleasant surprise, Corona was named ‘Best Demo’ at the conference for its contribution to the field of mobile development! Thanks to the MobiCASE organizers for the honor, and thanks to you — our users — for putting our “5 Lines” demo to everyday use in your creations!

Trick or Treat! Particle Candy for CoronaAnimated particle systems for your apps and games

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While it’s awfully hard to fill a bag with candy via the Internet, the folks at X-Pressive.com just gave us some Particle Candy to share with you! Particle Candy is a high-performance particle/effects engine, which X-Pressive have now made available for Corona. Behold! You soon will be able to implement Particle Candy in your own Corona creations by following X-Pressive’s very easy How to Guide. The best part? No cavities!

Diary of an 'ActionScript 3 Madman' Tumble Bee creator Ben Walker

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Ben Walker is no stranger to programming. His portfolio boasts an impressive array of creations built with languages like JavaScript, Python, and ActionScript, among others. When he decided to get into mobile development, Ben could have chosen any of those scripts that he already knew very well. So, what made him go with Lua and Corona to create Tumble Bee for iPhone? Do you have any prior programming experience on platforms other than mobile? What types of scripts and platforms have you worked with before? First and foremost, I am a self-confessed ActionScript 3 madman! I love the language, develop with it everyday for the web, and wish that I had found it sooner than I did. I also currently work very heavily in PHP/SQL,

Meetup: Carlos talks Corona in Santa Clara

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Last night in Santa Clara, our CEO (Chief Evangelist Officer) Carlos Icaza was at another Meetup about third-party mobile toolkits. Carlos and the other guests — team members from other SDK startups — discussed the importance of maintaining cross-platform compatibility and maximizing your efficiency when developing apps. Carlos’ talk was the shortest of the night (those Corona demos are just too quick and simple!), which allowed more time for audience members to grill him first-hand about Corona. Developers in attendance could not believe the classic Physics in 5 Lines demo, or the Legend of Doodle Dash. The prospect of creating top-caliber games in a matter of days really turned a lot of people onto Corona. The highlight of the night? All the familiar faces in

Make a game in 8 minutes with Corona (Part 2)

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Tim is back with the second installment of his “Game in 8 Minutes” series! This time, he takes about 10 minutes (I know, I know…) to add more balloons, better physical reactions, and even multi-touch to the simple game he created in part 1. Download the source files for this tutorial. Let Tim know what you think in the comments below — he reads them all the time! Also, he says he will be making a part 3 for his balloon game, so keep an eye out for that.

HD Interactive talk Arts & Sciences with Corona

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Trae Regan and Todd Williams of HD Interactive are no strangers to high-level development. The Florida-based, Adobe-certified studio has developed interactive creations for clients like the STAR Recruiting Service, Martha Stewart, and the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts & Sciences (MOAS). For the latter, HDI used Corona to create an iPhone app that lets users step inside the MOAS from the palm of their hand. Trae and Todd talked to us about why they consider Corona their go-to mobile toolkit of choice — even if Lua isn’t quite the language that they know best! * Editor’s note: Art and museum apps currently are experiencing a “mini dot-com boom” of sorts, as recently described by the Smithsonian’s head of mobile strategy. Could you describe your background

New Toy: TexturePacker for Corona

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Last week, we introduced Zwoptex integration with Corona for more efficiently dealing with sprites and animations in your games. This week, we bring you the TexturePacker command line tool for handling sprites in Corona. It’s not a competitor to our previous Zwoptex integration — just another option we wanted to provide for you, our users. Here are the main specs on TexturePacker, courtesy of  creator Andreas Löw from Code ‘n’ Web: Fully automated layout with detection of the optimal texture size. On-the-fly rescaling of sprites to create high-res and low-res sprite sheets. Automated cropping of transparent pixels for faster rendering and smaller files. Automated creation of aliases using space only once for identical sprites after cropping. Output size optimization for finding the smallest file size.