New visitor here? We have "Corona 4 You" at 50% off

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Over the past week or so, we’ve noticed a lot of new visitors coming to our site and checking out what Corona has to offer. We know that choosing an SDK and committing to it is no light proposition, and you certainly don’t want to put your money and dedication into a toolkit only to have it disappoint you later on. So, to help ease your transition to Corona, we’re offering  it to you at 50% off the prerelease price ($174.50/year instead of $349) using the coupon code CORONA4YOU. For more details, visit us over at this page, which we’ve set up for new visitors just like you. This offer is available for anyone, but you better move quick — the coupon code expires at midnight

Make a game in 8 minutes with Corona?

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After posting our Quick Start Guide to Corona a couple days ago, we thought we’d demonstrate just how easy it is to get started from Square One with Corona to create your first mobile game. We’ve already shown you real-life cases in which Corona users have created a game in eight days. Now, Ansca Mobile engineer Tim Statler shows you how you can make one in eight minutes! Download the source files for this video. Be sure to check back for more videos by Tim as he adds onto his “Balloon Game.” *UPDATE – 10/19/2010 @ 3:24pm PST* Background music has now been turned down.

Robert Payne details Zwoptex benefits for Corona users

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Yesterday, we told you about Zwoptex integration with Corona Game Edition, and touched upon its benefits for sprite animation and better device memory usage. Today, we have Zwopple Founder Robert Payne — creator of the Zwoptex app — here to pen a guest blogpost to further elaborate on what Zwoptex means for you and your Corona creations. When Ansca Mobile contacted me about integrating Zwoptex with Corona, I had little idea what they were up to. After playing around with Corona for a couple of days and seeing how easy it was to get up and running, I couldn’t have been more excited to get Zwoptex to work with Corona Game Edition! Game Edition already utilized sprite sheets. So, what’s new and how does it

New release: Corona Game Edition, integrated with Zwoptex

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A couple weeks ago, we announced the public prerelease of Corona Game Edition. Today, we’re rolling out some key improvements to Game Edition: Numerous bug fixes! All the SDK fixes are now rolled in, and we’ve paid special attention to Android, previous gaps in the sprite API, and physics API issues. Enhancements to existing features, including an improved OpenFeint API, laying the foundation for further social features. A new “gameUI” library, for easy cross-platform sound effects, cross-platform fonts, and the ability to make any physics objects multitouch-draggable with just one line of code (see the new “Multipuck” sample). Custom font support for both iOS and Android. A new welcome window that provides easy access to common development tasks such as opening projects in the Simulator, starting a device build, running sample

Ansca at HealthCamp, alongside HHS and Kaiser Permanente

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This past week, Ansca Mobile sponsored the HealthCamp SF Bay 2010 conference, where participants brainstormed how new media technologies can apply to the healthcare sector. HealthCamp SF Bay came right on the heels of Health 2.0 Developer Hack-a-thon earlier in the week, where our co-founder Walter Luh spoke to attendees about the mobile platform’s potential to solve major problems in the nation’s healthcare system.  At HealthCamp, Walter again addressed a sold out crowd (including representatives from the Dept. of Health and Human Services and Kaiser Permanente) on how mobile apps and technology can be applied to better the current healthcare infrastructure.  Walter touched upon specific functions like record keeping, information sharing, and patient education — all areas of healthcare which could be made easier and much more efficient through

Heads up: Samsung's Galaxy Tab is just around the corner!

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Word on the street is that Sprint will be releasing the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab around November 14. Pricing points reportedly will run at $399 for a 2-year contract and $599 without contract. This couldn’t come at a much better time for us and, most importantly, for you! A week ago, we told you about how Corona successfully ran on the Galaxy Tab: I snagged one of the two Tab demo units in the room. These are still pretty rare, so we had literally never tested Corona on one, and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. It’s always a bit dangerous to try a demo in public for the first time, but in front of the live audience I pulled down some Game Edition samples

Unicorn Labs discuss creating a Top 10 eBook with Corona

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This past week, Unicorn Labs’ first eBook Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race reached #6 on the App Store’s list of top free eBooks! The Corona-created children’s eBook is available for the iPad, and Unicorn says there surely will be more coming in the future. Down below, Unicorn talks to us about making their first eBook…

New Apps Showcase: Week of October 3

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ASCII Invaders by Kigra Software Re-enter the world of classic video gaming with ASCII Invaders! This game for iPhone and Android takes you back in time to the classic gaming era in classic style while delivering an exciting, casual gameplay. You can take a closer look at the addictive, retro-style gameplay here. Error Goblin by MonkeyDead Studios Error Goblin should be your first stop when something goes wrong with your computer. Just type in the error code and Error Goblin will help explain what’s going on so you can resolve it. Art by Michael Reid Fans of Australian art can use this free app to browse curator Michael Reid‘s current exhibitions, available pieces, selling prices, and locate galleries around the world featuring works hand-picked by him. Nebula

Randy Shepherd of Werd Interactive discusses how Corona brought on Armageddon

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Randy Shepherd of Werd Interactive was already a veteran in the mobile app development space when the Corona SDK was launched in late 2009. So, what made him stick with Corona after taking it for a test-drive to create the Astral Arcade game for iPad? Below, Randy answers that question and talks about the development process of Werd’s latest Corona creation, the dueling strategy game Warlords Armageddon for iPad. To start off, what’s your background as a developer? I started creating shockwave games for NASA in later half of 1996 and founded Werd Interactive in the fall of 1998, which later became incorporated in 2000. We had just started developing for the Sega Dreamcast and SNK Neo Geo Pocket handheld when we had heard though

Corona SDK bundle for TextMate

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Darren from Ludicrous Software just sent over this video of a new Corona bundle that he created for the TextMate code editor. On his blog, he explains how the bundle includes functions like autocomplete, one-key simulator running, and built-in snippets for many common Corona codelines.  All of this lets users to code in Corona even faster than it already allows. Take a look for yourself: You can pick up Darren’s new Corona bundle for free over at GitHub, and be sure to keep tabs on him via Twitter for whenever he rolls out new bundle features. (Game Edition support, more snippets, etc.) And if you’ve made anything cool with Corona, be sure to send it over to us!