Million Dollar Baby: Making a lucrative app

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Colorado-based startup Occipital hit quite the milestone this week: their iPhone app RedLaser topped $1 million in revenue. Co-founder Jeff Powers told TechCrunch yesterday that RedLaser got immensely popular (it has been in the App Store’s top 5 paid apps for the past 3 months) without any heavyweight PR/marketing campaign, but rather through pure word-of-mouth. I will pause here to let you wipe the drool off your chin… So what exactly is RedLaser? It’s a barcode-scanning app that uses the video camera function of the iPhone 3GS (get with the times, 3G users!) to read product barcodes. The app can then  provide you with a litany of related information like prices at other stores, product reviews, etc. Here’s a quick video of Occipital’s million dollar baby