Coming soon: ‘The Lost City’

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Last year, Fire Maple Games released The Secret of Grisly Manor, which went on to become one of the most successful Corona games to date. Its beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay had people glued to their Android and iDevices. Now (after nearly a year in the making) Fire Maple are ready to release their next puzzle/adventure epic, The Lost City, which FireChief Joe Kauffman told me is waaay more awesome and longer than Grisly Manor. The Lost City is currently under review in the App Store — and I’m pretty sure you’ll see  it up here sometime in the near future.

Guest Post: From film-making to app-making

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Rares and Anamaria head up the Romanian-based New Mindflow studio. Much like your friendly neighborhood Carlos, they started out in the film-making world before heading over to app-making. Below, they elaborate on their story of being film makers-turn-coders using Corona and our sidekick Kwik to make one of the best eBooks we’ve ever seen — Where’s Paradise?. After graduating from film school in 2008, we discovered mobile apps as a potentially great medium to distribute our work — especially to explore new possibilities for storytelling and new audiences. The two of us also met that year and it was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to work together and be as independent as possible while doing so. I had seen Steve Jobs’

From zero to ‘Angry Birds’ in 30 minutes

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You wouldn’t mind if we put up two tutorials for Tutorial Tuesday, would ya? Below is a presentation given by coding extraordinaire Seb Lee-Delisle at the Update 2011 conference in the UK late last year. We were humbled when we saw that Seb chose Corona SDK as his weapon of choice for his demo. Be sure to let Seb know what you think on Twitter at @seb_ly. Thanks for the awesome demo, Seb!

App of the Week (January 22, 2012): Where’s Paradise? Nusa Lembongan

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Judging by the feedback to Carlos’ post about eBooks last week, it seems that a lot of you plan on using Corona to make books for tablets in the near-future. Well, it looks like you’ll have plenty of inspiration from your fellow Corona developers — including Where’s Paradise?, our latest App of the Week! Where’s Paradise? is the first “episode” of eBooks exploring various remote islands that the rest of us might only know as vacation getaways. Specifically, this inaugural issue of Where’s Paradise? explores the small island of Nusa Lembongan off the coast of Bali, diving deep into its landscape and the 7,000 or so people who call it home. Along with its anthropological approach, the eBook also explores the potpourri of marine life that live

Guest Post: How I created a zombie apocalypse with Corona

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Ed Anderson of Mongadillo Games is responsible for scaring the bejeezus out of us with ZDay Survival Simulator, our latest App of the Week. Below, you can read about Ed’s process of creating the post-apocalyptic zombie game, and how he even collaborated with Corona developers just like you (assuming you’re a developer) whom he found in our forums! How often do you think about what you’d do in the event of a full-blown zombie apocalypse? If you’re like me, you think about it at least once a day.  I’m not suggesting that I have stockpiles of ammo and weapons in my house, or three years worth of canned foods and bottled water.  Nor am I suggesting that I have over 125 cases containing things like emergency

App of the Week (January 15, 2012): ZDay Survival Simulator

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For the past year, my Sunday nights have revolved around The Walking Dead, a television series chronicling the lives of a survivor group in a post-apocalyptic world of zombies. At the moment, the show is on a mid-season hiatus, and won’t be back until next month. Luckily, until then, there’s the ZDay Survival Simulator — our latest App of the Week! ZDay is a menu-based ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ type of decision-driven game — but it’s a lot more suspenseful than such a description might suggest! Similarly to the aforementioned TV show, ZDay casts you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and tasked with making the best decisions for survival. Along the way, you encounter undead “walkers” and other survivors with whom you can band together and get out

‘Car Seat Helper’ = One of the best apps ever!

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We had quite a response to Scott Singer’s blogpost about using Corona to make business apps. Some of you contended that Corona was only good for making mobile games, while others (like Scott!) insisted that Corona’s speed and ease of use made it perfect for the quick turn-around times demanded in the business app world. For the latter, allow me to point to Exhibit A (again) — the app Car Seat Helper! Corona users MediaKube made Car Seat Helper after being tapped by the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Through its use of step-by-step menus, a child height/weight calculator, and an all-around intuitive interface, Car Seat Helper assists parents in the critical task of buying a proper car safety seat for their small children. Along with the great press

Game Center for Corona SDK

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In case you’re wondering what we did at the office today, Walter and Jon Beebe toyed around with our highly anticipated Game Center feature for Corona… …So, when should we release this?

Corona SDK college course in Los Angeles!

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Judging by our regular guest blogposts and what-not, it’s should come as no surprise that we love when our users share their vast wealth of knowledge with each other. Especially when some of them are Corona gods in their own right. Crossman Wilkins is said god. You might recognize him as the Grand Prize Winner from our first-ever #CoronaHackathon. Now, Crossman is taking his Corona prowess to the academic arena by teaching a course on mobile app development with Corona at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Class will be in session starting February 6, so make sure you sign up now if you want in! For more details on the course, click the screenshot below…

Corona SDK Meetup next week at Ansca HQ!

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The last couple months saw Carlos and Walter hopping all around the country to Corona meetups in New York, Florida, and Texas. Despite their tireless schedules, the meetup bug has hit Team Ansca again — but we wanna keep this next one a little closer to home.  So, next week, we’ll be having a Corona meetup here, at Ansca HQ in Silicon Valley! The last couple times we did this, it was incredible! We loved getting to meet you guys and finally putting a face to your Twitter @handles. So, why not clear out your schedules for the evening of January 19 and come on out again? We’ll have more details (guest appearances, prizes, etc.) announced soon, but you can RSVP now by clicking the screenshot