App of the Week (November 6, 2011): Trip Harrison Origins

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One of our most popular guest blogposts last week focused on iPad comics. And author David B. Fox certainly knows a thing about them, as his iComic Be Confident in Yourself garnered widespread acclaim and was named our App of the Week. Now, you can add another iPad comic app to that list — the intergalactic adventure Trip Harrison Origins! Origins is the inaugural issue of the Trip Harrison series following the titular character on his journey to discover the — if I deduced it correctly from the comic — cosmic origin of all life and time. Honestly, this is more of a “teaser” issue than anything else, and subsequent issues will immerse readers further in Trip’s adventures. So, what’s so special about it? Well, just look at

App of the Month (October 2011): Car Seat Helper

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Last month presented quite a diverse array of apps, so it was especially difficult to find a consistent metric to gauge them on. Whether it was the Thai Cooks recipe app, the unexpectedly educational Factor Samurai, or the impeccably crafted zombie card game It’s Alive — each game was the best in its own right. So, what it came down to for the October App of the Month, I looked for one major thing: SIGNIFICANCE.  And with that, the honor goes to Car Seat Helper! Car Seat Helper was developed for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital to help inform parents on how to properly choose and install car seats for their small children. Consider this: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that  75% of car seats are installed improperly, which

Guest Post: Behold the Corona Comics SDK!

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About six months ago, David Fox of Electric Eggplant created the Be Confident iPad comic book to widespread acclaim. Naturally, we also named it our App of the Week! Now, David has taken lead on the upcoming Corona Comic SDK for those of you specifically looking to get into the iComic space! Be sure to check out Be Confident on iPad, and read about David’s experience below… It was September 1, 2010, and I finally decided to become an app developer. I’d been planning it for a couple of years, but now was the time to act! I hadn’t done any game or entertainment programming lately. But 25 years earlier I had been a game designer and programmer at LucasArts and created lots of complex games. How

Corona SDK this week in New York!

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  Our very own Walter is currently trekking the newly whitened East Coast. This week, he’ll be at Corona events in New York — both, city and state! First is upstate NY. Walter will be at what organizers have simply named “The Big Corona Event” at the Strathallan Hotel in Rochester tomorrow, November 1 from 6:00-9:00pm. Attendees will be able to win free copies of Corona and also will receive top-secret coupon codes to get [censored]% off their yearly Corona subscription. The next day, Walter will be at Think Coffee on Mercer Ave. in New York City for the Flash Coders NY weekly meetup. Here’s where all of you Flash programmers can come and grill the creator of Corona first-hand — show no mercy! * Carlos edit: If you can bring

App of the Week (October 30, 2011): It’s Alive!

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I never was much into casino card games or even Magic: The Gathering card game, but our latest App of the Week seems to be a great mashup of both. It takes the calculating strategy of games like Poker and Black Jack and wraps it in an overall role-playing motif. Not just that, but it also happens to be highly relevant to Halloween — shuffle up and try your hand at It’s Alive! At first, I was a little hesitant of It’s Alive, with it purporting to be a “monster-building game” while revolving around cards. Usually, card games are pretty dull and force you to rely more on your own imagination to make things fun rather than the actual game itself. Luckily, that’s not the case

‘Car Seat Helper’ on NBC News Arizona!

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Our latest App of the Week just got some shine on Phoenix, Arizona’s own 12 News Today morning show. Car Seat Helper was spotlighted as a crucial app for parents to use in their child safety seat shopping and installation endeavors. Check out the video segment below, and get the app in the  App Store or Android Market (it’s free too!). Special thanks to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for releasing the app, and MediaKube for choosing Corona SDK to make it.

Corona Indie Bundle top 5 in Amazon Appstore

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A week ago, we told you about the Corona Indie Bundle now being available on Android exclusively through the Amazon Appstore. And, as we expected, quite a lot of you wanted the app on Android! So many so, in fact, that yesterday the Bundle cracked the Top 5 on the Appstore’s charts for top paid games (#5) AND  top overall apps (#3). If you haven’t done so yet, you can get the app for your Android device below — let’s get it to #1!

Walter talks monetization! (tomorrow)

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As you’ve probably seen by now, we have quite a  large and heavily active community around Corona SDK. Naturally, after troubleshooting and features, the biggest topic we get questions about is how to succeed and monetize once your app is in stores. Yes, we’ve featured previous posts on here before about app monetization, marketing, and even brainstorming a successful app idea. But you’ve never really heard straight from us, in much detail, about how to go about making cold, harsh cash from your apps. Well, until now! Tomorrow afternoon, our very own Walter and  Inneractive VP Assaf Benjamin will lead a panel called “Hey – It’s Only Me and My App Here” at the App Conference here, in the SF Bay Area. The half-hour session will consist of “Monetization

App of the Week (October 23, 2011): Car Seat Helper

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It never fails: Every so often, I hear people say “Well, Corona SDK is good for making games, but not making apps.”  Of course, I point them to the myriad of non-gaming apps that we have featured on here, but the questions continue to persist. So, allow me to add another app to that list with our latest App of the Week — the indispensable Car Seat Helper! Car Seat Helper was developed for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital to curb automobile injuries in small children. So, right off the bat, it reminded me of a previous and also potentially life-saving App of the Week called Community Sidekick. At its core, Car Seat Helper is a handy tool to help new parents navigate the surprisingly complicated space of child safety seats. The app

Friday Night Forum: Fire it up!

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Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire has been forecasted to sell over 5 million units when it’s formally released later this year. The ante-upped Kindle Fire is a 7-inch Android-based “stripped down” tablet (no camera, WiFi-only) that, at $199, will cost almost half as much as Apple’s seemingly incomparable iPad. Those 5 million Q4 preorders already would put the Kindle Fire ahead of Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color in total sales, seeing as the NOOK just crossed 3 million earlier this year. Meanwhile, iPad sales currently stand at around 40 million since the device first launched 18 months ago, but keep in mind that the iPad sold 3.27 million units in its debut quarter (albeit 7.33 million in its first holiday quarter later that year). This begs the question… Has the iPad finally met its first