‘Dabble’ wins Parent’s Choice Gold Award!

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Just yesterday, we were informed by Team Dabble that their board game has racked up yet another award — the esteemed Parent’s Choice Gold Award for superior educational toys and games. Of course, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to us considering how Dabble is irresistibly fun to play and seems to get even more awesome with the more people you have playing. Dabble has all the makings of a classic (designed by 84-year-old Brooklyn inventor George Weiss — who has probably seen a lot of games in his time!) and is also available on-the-go for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Oh, and check out the full Parent’s Choice write-up below…

Corona Indie Bundle now on Android, exclusively thru the Amazon Appstore

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Last week, we released the Corona Indie Bundle, a pack of five top-selling Corona games for iPhone and iPad. Many of you in the Android crowd were sad that you couldn’t get in on the fun that your iOS cohorts were enjoying. Well, now it’s your turn! The Corona Indie Bundle is now available on Android exclusively through the Amazon Appstore for Android for the same ol’ awesome price of 99¢. Not only that but, as of early this morning, it’s already sitting on the Amazon Appstore charts at #13 among all games and #21 among all paid apps. WHOA!!! Click below to download the Corona Indie Bundle for Android, or hit CoronaIndieBundle.com for all the details your heart may desire. Wüt!

Guest Post: How Flash runs on Corona SDK

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After the fallout to Carlos’ post about Flash a couple weeks ago, we followed it up with a guest post attesting to Flash’s mobile shortcomings. But now, indie developer Elliot Pace  has shown us that Corona and your preexisting Flash skills can be used together to create awesome mobile games. No need to choose one or the other, or completely quit Flash cold turkey! Check out Elliot’s guest post below, and also check out his blog for more Flash-tinged Corona goodness. His upcoming tower defense game ‘The King’s Path’ is set to be released within the next couple months — can’t wait to play it! Have you ever programmed and packaged an iOS app using Xcode and Objective-C without an engine?  If so, then you know

App of the Week (October 16, 2011): Trash Blast

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Apple has a strict policy against trashy apps in their App Store, but somehow this one slipped through. I’m talking about Trash Blast, our latest App of the Week! If you’ve ever had to sort through a pile of recyclables (plastics, metals, glass…), you’ll already know how to play Trash Blast. Your boss at the trash sorting facility pulls a lever a the beginning of each level and dumps a bunch of trash on a conveyor belt for you to sort into three different bins. With each proper sort, you rack up cold hard cash (maybe the iPhone 5 will be able to print currency?) and a moderate feeling of accomplishment. The game is simple, but does have its own little challenging nuances. As you

Guest Post: We put the brakes on Flash

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Alright, alright — so  Carlos’ post about Flash last week seems to have ruffled a few feathers (as was his intention! :-P). So, now allow me to point you to Exhibit B. Gianluca Pinoci is a former Flash fanatic. A few months ago, his agency BOOM Interactive was commissioned by British auto brake maestros Ferodo to build a branded app. The result was the Ferodo Race Challenge game for iPhone, but not without some initial (Flash-related) hiccups… I wanted to share my experience with other developers in the Corona SDK community — particularly with some of the technical challenges involved in developing a top-down racing game, which is different from the more popular platform-based games developed in Corona. Not only did I transition from Flash to Corona,

The Corona Indie Bundle now on sale!

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Today, we’re über-stoked to announce the Corona Indie Bundle — five hall of fame Corona SDK games that are now available in one 99¢ package. Spurred by the idea of the Humble Indie Bundle for PC games, Brock Henderson of Chicago-based Crawl Space Games first brought the idea our attention. So, after some e-mails, four more top-notch Corona developers were on-board to have their games included in the bundle. The Corona Indie Bundle includes five games which have topped App Store and Android store charts worldwide and sold over 2.25 million copies individually across the iPhone, iPad,Android, and NOOK Color. The Secret of Grisly Manor: Sold over 100,000 copies on iPhone and iPad, and has been a Top 5 paid app in the Amazon Android Appstore and Top 20 in Barnes & Noble’s

App of the Week (October 9, 2011): Thai Cooks

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A couple times a week here at Ansca offices, we order out for lunch. While our staff likes a wide variety of dishes (Mexican, Italian, sushi, etc.), King Walter usually has the final say on the day’s food choice based on his favorite — and it’s always Thai. Now, Walter can just make his own lunch at home and bring it to the office thanks to Thai Cooks, our latest App of the Week. Thai Cooks is a non-gaming app (yes, Corona SDK users make plenty of those too!) packed with more than 100 recipes of the tastiest Thai treats. This iCookbook lists its plethora of dishes in an easy-to-navigate menu, categorized by E-san, curries, sea food, soup, and a whole lot more. Each dish has its own page

Friday Night Forum: Going it alone!

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It’s probably no surprise to you and your Corona SDK users that a lot of mobile developers are often “going it alone” — running small or even solo operations on a quest to make a name in the world of app development! Of course, the good folks over at ReadWriteMobile also have noticed this: One of the great beauties of Web technology is that the barrier for entry into innovation has been significantly lowered. In the mobile world, all you really need to know to build an application are the rudiments of coding and how to work within various native frameworks, like iOS or Android. Yet, independent developers face steep challenges in not only creating dynamic applications but trying to get anybody to use them.

App of the Week (October 2, 2011): Factor Samurai

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When I was little, my mom used to draw up multiplication problems for me on the weekends to keep my math skills sharp. Eventually, those self-written problems on notebook paper gave way to workbooks bought from school supply stores — either way, it wasn’t much fun! Of course, that was well before the days of smartphones (or cell phones altogether). If that was now, our latest App of the Week might have made it a little more fun. Step into the math dojo with Factor Samurai! The following App Store comment sums up Factor Samurai the best: Indeed, Factor Samurai utilizes the familiar swipe-based gameplay of the popular Fruit Ninja game (thank you , sample code!) and puts an effectively educational spin on it. No longer are you mindlessly

App of the Month (September 2011): Critter Quitter

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Not taking anything away from immaculately created non-gaming apps like Canyon Country or NapKeeper, but the decision for this month’s App of the Month was actually pretty easy. One game stood out for its excellent graphics and seamless animation combined with a simple-yet-fun (dare I say thrilling?) premise and gameplay. I’m talking about Critter Quitter! Critter Quitters’  has mass appeal across all ages, which great for any app’s longevity. It is easy to play, great to look at, and has enough little perks and nuggets (smashing bugs with a machete or mini-nuke? AWESOME!) to keep things interesting past the first few minutes of play. And, as an added bonus, since we last featured Critter Quitter on here, creators Impulsis Games have now brought the previously iPad-only game