New for iPad: Matchimals By

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Matchimals, created with Corona Game Edition from Ansca Mobile, is a cute little animal matching game where you race against the clock to pick every pair of animals off of the board. Improve the memories of everyone in your the family with 9 adorable zoo animals, fun animations and sound effects that are built to keep preschoolers engaged. Designed specifically for the iPad, Matchimals is perfect for long trips or quick bursts of gameplay. How To Play: tap a star tile to flip it over, revealing an animal flip over 2 matching animal tiles to remove them avoid missing to increase multiplier slide finger across screen to pause game shake iPad to quickly start a new game Features: Matchimals supports all orientations 9 animals 3

New for iPhone: Hop to the Top By Tuneticker

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Jump from platform to platform and try to achieve the ultimate score in this addicting platform jumping game! Hop to the Top, made with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, features three HIGHLY addictive game play modes that will keep you endlessly entertained. Compatible also with iPod Touch and iPad, Hop to the Top features three unique modes: Regular – jump as many platforms as you can in the selected time Heli mode – fly the full time using the helicopter and how far you can heli up! Suicide sprint – Go up as many platforms as you can, but in order for your score to count, you must make it all the way back to the bottom before time runs out!

New for iPad: Warlords Armageddon By Werd Interactive Inc.

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It’s time to experience Warlords Armageddon, a turn-based strategy game like you’ve never seen before! Warlords Armageddon, created with Corona Game Edition from Ansca Mobile,  is a high resolution 2 player flick-based strategy game designed exclusively for the iPad. ***SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE: 75% OFF! BUY IT NOW!*** POWER AT YOUR FINGER TIPS The revolutionary flick-strategy system lets you issue commands with a flick of your wrist. Just click the desired unit, select the command you want them to preform and swipe them in any direction that you desire. HEAD-TO-HEAD MULTIPLAYER ACTION Play against your friends in preset campaign skirmishes or set up your own campaign in the Custom Skirmish Editor. Chose between swordsmen, ogres, healers, archers, and more. No single player campaign available. A DYNAMIC WORLD

New for iPhone: BJ’s Soccer By Additive Interactive

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BJ’s Soccer, made with Corona Game Edition from Ansca Mobile,is a fun and interactive way for you to enjoy soccer right from your iPod Touch or iPhone. BJ’s Soccer has three fun and challenging levels for you to test your soccer skills. In level one you try to score as many goals as possible within the 30-second time limit. In level two, your goal is to hit as many moving targets as you can within the time limit. Level three tests you soccer knowledge as well as your aim… In level three, answer the trivia questions correctly by hitting the correct target within the time limit. ABOUT BJ’S BREWHOUSE RESTAURANT: BJ’s Brewhouse Restaurant’s offer a high-energy, fun, family-friendly environment with an innovative and broad menu

New for iPhone: Feng Shui Mood Light By True Blue Apps

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Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics used to create harmony and balance around us.  Feng Shui is a diverse and rich set of practices that are used in a broad range of pursuits from architectural design to interior decorating. Feng Shui Mood Light, made with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, aids those interested in pursuing the use of colored lighting in their use of Feng Shui principles.   Feng Shui Mood Light provides a way for you to start the mood light with a set of colors that matches your current mood allowing you to synchronize your mood with the lighting.   The lighting color then gradually changes at the pace you set to the colors (therefore mood and attitude) you which

New for iPhone: Snozzled By True Blue Apps

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How far can you go before your Snozzled? Reminiscent of the classic game Simon, Snozzled, made with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, takes the game play in a new direction. Featuring five levels of play and user selectable goals, Snozzled provides both quick games to kill a little time and truly challenging games that will leave you Snozzled. FEATURES INCLUDE: • High Scores • Five levels of play • Background themes • Selectable goals • Selectable sounds • Saved game state

New For iPad: Astro Junk HD: It’s Space, Garbage and Rapid Fire Fun! By Unicorn Labs, LLC.

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Built for iPad™, Astro Junk HD, made with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is a shooter’s delight, with rapid-fire, dazzling outer space visuals and great sounds. Your mission is simple: stay alive by destroying flying Asteroids and Space Debris. Play this one with two hands, headphones on and the sound WAY up! Inspired by the grand old arcade classics, but faithfully updated for the iPad, Astro Junk HD is an action game that is fun for the whole family. Featuring great space visuals and inter-stellar sounds, the goal of the game is to destroy the Asteroids and Space Debris before they hit your Astronauts. The more you destroy, the higher your score; but don’t forget to reload your Ammo before it’s too late. Created by

Wiki Cocktail Machine: Free Drink Recipe Picker by Oecoway Inc.

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Having a party tonight? Get the most popular Wikipedia cocktail recipes on your iPad, in a fun and easy to use application: – Use the fun Wiki Cocktail Machine, made with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, to pick a random drink – Browse by spirit, or the index to find a specific recipe – Find cocktails based on your taste through our mixologist selections – Learn more about drinks history, in our drink wiki cards – Choose between Imperial (oz) or Metric (cl) units

New for iPad: Sound Spinner – Barnyard Edition By Trapping Ackbar

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Entertain and educate your toddler with the fun spinning action of Sound Spinner! The Barnyard Edition of the Sound Spinner app, made with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is a fun way for children to learn about animals with illustrations and real animal sounds. Spin the farmer and hear the sound of the animal he points to, or tap an animal directly to hear the sound it makes. Quality, varied animal sounds will delight youngsters! Need a little peace and quiet? Turn the audio off with the touch of a button. Want to quiz your young one? Turn the animal labels off. Combine these two toggles to quiz for audio, visual, and reading recognition. A great and fun way to introduce young ones to technology