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Corona GeekDuring this week’s Corona Geek Ed Maurina, developer of Corona SDK game templates at Roaming Gamer, walked us through a Corona SDK code snippet that makes your game characters jump. Using Corona’s built in physics engine, we applied force to a single character and then added a second character to show how easy it is to handle touch events for multiple objects using the same function. Next week we’ll be looking at code to make it rain and flash lighting. In the meantime, check out Dr. Burton’s brand new book, Learning Mobile App & Game Dev with Corona for more tips on how to use Corona’s physics engine in your games.

Congratulations to Robert Araho for winning this week’s Corona Labs’ t-shirt. For your chance to win, follow Corona Geek on Twitter and Facebook, and complete the Corona Geek giveaway form.

Thank you for watching, we’ll see you on next week’s Corona Geek hangout!

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3 Responses to “Corona Geek #52 – Making a Character Jump in Corona SDK”

  1. Michael

    can you store the samples as a zip file on GitHub, makes it easier to download.

  2. Tony

    Thanks for posting! The math2d functions are definitely a huge time-saver. Thanks for taking the time to go through it in detail.

  3. Ed Maurina


    Hi. I’ve started a new gitHub sub-repository here:

    It will contain code, assets, etc. that I talk about or in some way participate in the editing/review/etc. of while on the hangout.

    The code for this show is here:

    Please note, SSK is separate and stored here:
    The SSK Wiki (small though it may be) is here:


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