Third-party tools for Corona SDK: SpriteDeck

The big news this week, of course, is our Corona SDK on Windows release. However, we also announced a myriad of third-party tools that also are now available for Corona, created by brilliant users like yourself. So, now, we’ll be showcasing a new tool each day. First up is SpriteDeck, which brings the easy drag-and-drop option […]

Corona SDK is now on Windows.

It’s been an exciting past week for us here, at Ansca! In between all the hoopla around Bubble Ball, we also moved to a new office, ironed out some last minute show-stoppers, waited for the Apple approval process on three apps with new Corona SDK features for iOS (in-app purchases and universal binaries), monitored our […]

App of the Week (January 23, 2011): Golf Fix

A while back, we posted about how sheer usefulness can contribute to an app’s longevity much better than a quick-hook novelty factor.  This week’s App of the Week reminded us exactly of that! Golf Fix was created by Scott Singer with help from PGA pros Nick Paez and Jimmy Hanlin, and gives golfers instant access […]

The Fate of Android

Today, Android’s openness to OEM’s is a blessing and a curse. And if you’re trying to develop software on Android, it feels more like the latter. The same fragmentation challenges we faced getting Flash Lite to work on the variety of Nokia smartphones (Symbian Series 60) apply to shipping an Android app. On top of that, Android […]

Having trouble lately? Here's why…

Ever since Bubble Ball knocked Angry Birds: Seasons off its #1 App Store perch, our servers have been swamped from the subsequent media frenzy.  Here’s a graph showing the spike in traffic over the past few days: We made a few minor tweaks that have ameliorated the situation. And we’re going to be spinning up additional […]

Bubble Ball (and Corona SDK) in the news!

Bubble Ball had quite a run in the press over the long weekend. As an added bonus, Corona SDK also received a lot of media attention and subsequent downloads, which benefits you (our users) the most as the Corona community and mindshare expands! At the moment, Bubble Ball has been downloaded over 3 million times from the […]