Flash to Corona SDK Porting Guide

CAUTION: This tutorial is outdated and the material cannot be confirmed as accurate. A new guide covering this topic is coming soon. This article is designed to get Flash developers quickly oriented within Corona. First, I’ll discuss how to take your existing Flash projects and turn them into Corona projects, followed by a more general […]

App of the Week (January 9, 2011): Bubble Ball

Usually, when picking our App of the Week, we are attracted to apps and games with eye-catching artwork or an extensively immersive environment. To us, a good-looking app usually means a much more enjoyable and accessible experience that creates devoted fans and often reels in new ones. Yet, our latest Game of the Week, Bubble Ball, looks […]

App of the Week (January 2, 2011): PipClock

This week’s App of the Week is one whose primary function is showing the current time and temperature. Of course, that’s a gross understatement as the PipClock app by  PXL Artificer takes the typical “clock and weather” app and immerses it in an elaborate post-apocalyptic motif derived from the Fallout video game series. PipClock is modeled […]