App of the Week (January 2, 2011): PipClock

This week’s App of the Week is one whose primary function is showing the current time and temperature. Of course, that’s a gross understatement as the PipClock app by  PXL Artificer takes the typical “clock and weather” app and immerses it in an elaborate post-apocalyptic motif derived from the Fallout video game series. PipClock is modeled […]

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We love the chatter that you routinely bring to the comment sections here, on the blog. However, there also is a lot of stuff we find that we don’t post on here, rather we put it up on our Twitter and Facebook pages. So, why not continue the chatter there? Be sure to “Like” us […]

2011 will be the year of Android…

…Or so claims this piece over at CNN-Fortune. We’ve seen over the past year how the Android platform is poised to pass Apple’s iPhone in users and available apps. This has, of course, flared up passions on both sides as Android and iOS pundits alike craft arguments pointing to the supposedly inevitable demise of the other. In […]

New feature: Forum Search!

As our users, you already know that we’re always listening to what you have to say. And now, we have yet another feature that you’ve been asking for… Forum search! Now, you can easily search forum topics instead of having to click back through our bustling forum pages. Click below to take it for a test-drive, […]