Happy Thanksgiving from Ansca Mobile!

As the year comes closer to wrapping up, we’d like to extend our gratitude to our users, who deserve virtually all the credit for our explosive success these past 11 months — Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Also, we realize that a lot of you live in countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Usually, American companies […]

Corona Comics Tutorial: Special Effects with Text

KA-THOOM!!!!!! Dwayne of DieHard Studio Entertainment is back with another installment of his Corona Comics tutorials showing you how to easily jazz up your iPad comics made with Corona. In this segment, Dwayne tackles special effects tricks with text to give your comics that extra “pop” to make them jump off the screen… …And in […]

Corona webinar from November 11

Those of you who missed our November 11 webinar a couple weeks back (or those of you who just want to go over what was was covered during the webinar) can now watch it in its entirety below. This time around, Carlos walks you through Event Listeners (one of the core functionalities of Corona), plus […]

Content Scaling Made Easy

(Read the follow up: Dynamic Image Resolution Made Easy) Content scaling is a very useful feature of Corona, but it’s one that I’ve found myself explaining frequently. In this post, I’ll try to boil it down to the essentials, and demonstrate how to easily target multiple screens from the same code and assets. The problem […]

Corona Comics Tutorial: Word Balloons

After Tim’s introduction to the newly revitalized Corona Comics yesterday, we thought we’d waste no time in showing you how to make your own iPad comics. One of the most important elements of comic books is word balloons. In the video below, artist Dwayne Ferguson of DieHard Studio Entertainment walks you through the process of […]

New Apps Showcase: Week of November 14, 2010

Blocfall by Thomas Claburn is an addictive game recalling the arcade classics of yesteryear. Your challenge is to clear each level of falling blocks by tapping the highest block on the screen until all of them are gone. The blocks begin in a row and fall. Tapping the highest block will remove it and add points […]