It's an invasion of (Corona-made) apps!

…Okay, so this news isn’t nearly as foreboding as the subjectline indicates — it’s actually pretty cool! Earlier this week, we bestowed our first App of the Week title to Zombies Ala Mode by Crawl Space Games. Since then, Ala Mode has garnered quite a bit of acclaim, and ended the week with a BANG! by landing a […]

Corona SDK: New additions and overhauls

As our users know, we’re always focused on delivering the best new Corona features for them to use. Since our product is on a subscription basis, we literally work year-round to keep it on top of the latest developments in the rapidly changing mobile space. Earlier this year, we created Corona Game Edition to offer our […]

Corona Comics Tutorial: Inking your comic art

Fresh off the release of his first couple comic apps for iPad, Dwayne of DieHard is back with another installment of his Corona Comics Tutorial series. In this video, Dwayne shows you the fine craft of inking your comic book artwork. Apparently, this process was waaay harder back before tablet computers (and Corona) came along! […]

'Particle Candy' for Corona now available

About a month ago, we gave you a look at the Particle Candy particle/effects engine from our friends at Now, we’re happy to announce that Particle Candy is available for download. Not only that, but you can get it for 50% off by using the coupon code LetItSnow! You can download Particle Candy now at the X-Pressive […]