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Corona Geek Hangout
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During this week’s Corona Geek Dr. Brian Burton walked us through sample code for creating 2.5D isometric perspective using vector images and Jennifer Looper shared her new belly dancing app project. Jen is using Parse to store data and pulling video clips together in creative ways. She’s also using PreApps to get ahead of app marketing while her app is still in development.

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One feature that is requested in the feedback site is a “widget-based” text input field — one that allows for more “styling” than a device’s native input field. Until we can implement this feature, today’s tutorial gives you a foundation to build your own. Read further to learn how.

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Windsquire is an addicting game that combines skill-based racing and maze-like obstacles. Created by Baltimore-based Mindgrub, the storyline follows a squire who ventures on a quest to amass treasure. When the squire tumbles onto mystic runes, he becomes infused with the ability to fly by controlling the wind. His mission: to find treasure while escaping a ferocious dragon.