CoronaViewer: Android Beta

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Flat Corona

A few weeks ago, we introduced the beta of CoronaViewer for iOS. (If you haven’t seen this yet, check out the video in the original CoronaViewer post.)

Now, we are making a beta available for Android as well. Previously, you could preview your project on multiple devices for a single OS, e.g. iPhone and iPad. Now you’ll be able to preview your app across multiple OS’s and multiple devices — simultaneously!

App of the Week: Elements of Photography

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Elements of Photography icon

Learning the functionality of your digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera can be a tricky task — so much so, that many users resort to using their powerful new cameras in “auto” mode. In response to this trend, a group of photography enthusiasts and graduate students created Elements of Photography, an app that helps novice photographers understand the basics of the trade.

App of the Week: OmNomster

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What do you get when you put a hungry monster in a room full of trash? A feast! The furry OmNomster will eat anything in sight, from banana skins, to fishbones to broken umbrellas. This App of the Week will entertain you with a silly character, easy shake-and-play mechanics and chirpy music.

App of the Week: Penguin Rescue

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Penguin Rescue

Created by Learning Gems, Penguin Rescue is a word puzzle game that’s centered around saving adorable penguins from the perils of an ice cavern. Available for young players on iOS, Android and Kindle devices, Penguin Rescue is loads of fun, boasting chirpy music and fantastic graphics.