Widgets — Creating a Sliding Panel

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Today’s tutorial demonstrates how to create a sliding panel that has many uses, ranging from games to business applications. Using just one core function, you can easily implement a wide variety of panels that appear from different sides of the screen and utilize unique easing transitions.

Tutorial: Customizing Text Input

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One feature that is requested in the feedback site is a “widget-based” text input field — one that allows for more “styling” than a device’s native input field. Until we can implement this feature, today’s tutorial gives you a foundation to build your own. Read further to learn how.

Corona Weekly Update: Groups and Containers

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In Corona‘s graphics model, groups have been the workhorse way of organizing objects hierarchically. When you modify a group’s properties, the children are affected. For example, if you set the alpha on a group, then each child’s alpha is effectively multiplied by that alpha of the parent group.

The new graphics engine is going to have a new kind of group called a Container.