Android potpourri: alert boxes and other minutiae

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As John Lennon, once said, life happens when you’re making other plans. Well that sort of happened to us recently with all the excitement about the Kindle HD/NOOK HD. Well, in terms of Corona’s support for these devices, we’re there with support for the Kindle HD and we’re pretty much there for NOOK HD. One thing we found is that if your ‘build.settings’ file contains any Lua syntax errors, your APK may not pass the NOOK pre-flight submission tests. As a convenience to you, we’re going to make a change so that even if you have an error in that file, your APK should still work. Luckily, you’ll get this change for free — we found a way to post the change on our servers, so

App of the Week: Minu

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Minu icon

This weekend, I set out to bake the perfect banana bread. I put Minu to the test, a beautifully crafted timer that ensured my bread was baked just right. Simple in design and gorgeous in construction, users have embraced Minu as it’s climbed the Top 10 chart of utility apps.

Corona: iOS/Google Maps, Kindle Fire HD and NOOK HD

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With all the excitement around iPhone 5, iOS 6, and Google Maps, one thing you may not realize is that Google only offers its maps on standard Android devices, not customized flavors of Android. Consequently, like the iPhone 5, Kindle Fire and NOOK do not offer built-in Google Maps.

Now when we enabled native map views on Corona in daily build 903, we found a way to offer Google maps for all Android devices, including Kindle and NOOK.

Apple vs Amazon

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Apple vs Amazon

September has been an exciting month in mobile, or more generally, connected devices. Last week, Amazon announced two new Kindle Fires and is trying to move into iPad-sized tablets. In spite of the controversy over ads displayed on the lock screen, it’s a very compelling price point.

Perhaps most interesting is how Amazon views Android. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says “it’s a base operating system layer”, like Linux but with a lot of customization. In other words, they’re not in the game of making Android devices; they’re making Kindles.

Corona: Supporting different OS versions and a plan for sanity

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Several weeks ago, I talked about how we’ve begun our feature cycle. We’ve actually gotten quite a few items done that you can check out on the Corona roadmap. However, we haven’t hit our stride quite yet because of some difficult challenges related to OS versions. So this week, I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of some of those challenges, what we’ve learned from the experience, and our plans to tackle them. Working around Breaking Changes Last month, I talked about the breaking changes Apple introduced in 10.8. Thinking that we were about to wrap up with workarounds, I had planned to do a follow up on a new public release for 10.8. Boy was I wrong! We’ve spent the last few weeks working around

Corona: WebViews on Android!

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Time for another Monday update!

Last week, I talked about all the difficulties around Mountain Lion, the code name for Mac OS 10.8. Thanks to all your reports out in the wild, we’ve ironed out the a bunch of problems. The latest daily builds (868 and after) are now solidly working on 10.8.

In the midst of all this Mountain Lion stuff, we’ve also begun the feature cycle.

Coming soon: In-app purchases for Android with Corona SDK

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And just so that you all know, we are days away from shipping it. Tops two weeks. Will update you all in a week. Disclaimer: Please note that Google In App Purchases (GIAP) is a feature only available in the Google Android Marketplace. Android apps with Google IAP will be rejected on the Amazon and NOOK app stores, though we are working with Amazon and Barnes & Noble to come up with IAP solutions for them. The Amazon Appstore is working with its own IAP and so is Barnes & Noble — so, hopefully, it won’t be long before we come out with their respective solutions.  

Building and Publishing Kindle Fire Apps

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EDITOR’s NOTE: The info in this blog post is outdated. Please refer to the guide published here: With our recently added support for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, it seems like the right time to publish a complete walk-through for building a Kindle Fire app with Corona SDK and submitting the app for inclusion in Amazon’s Appstore for Android. Fortunately, the process is very simple and has very few differences from building/submitting normal Android apps. The entire process is described below in just five easy steps. Step 1: Signing Your App As stated in the Amazon Developer FAQ, by default, your apps are signed by a certificate supplied by Amazon that is unique to your developer account. So with that said, you should be fine