Coming soon: In-app purchases for Android with Corona SDK

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And just so that you all know, we are days away from shipping it. Tops two weeks. Will update you all in a week. Disclaimer: Please note that Google In App Purchases (GIAP) is a feature only available in the Google Android Marketplace. Android apps with Google IAP will be rejected on the Amazon and NOOK app stores, though we are working with Amazon and Barnes & Noble to come up with IAP solutions for them. The Amazon Appstore is working with its own IAP and so is Barnes & Noble — so, hopefully, it won’t be long before we come out with their respective solutions.  

Building and Publishing Kindle Fire Apps

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EDITOR’s NOTE: The info in this blog post is outdated. Please refer to the guide published here: With our recently added support for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, it seems like the right time to publish a complete walk-through for building a Kindle Fire app with Corona SDK and submitting the app for inclusion in Amazon’s Appstore for Android. Fortunately, the process is very simple and has very few differences from building/submitting normal Android apps. The entire process is described below in just five easy steps. Step 1: Signing Your App As stated in the Amazon Developer FAQ, by default, your apps are signed by a certificate supplied by Amazon that is unique to your developer account. So with that said, you should be fine

Amazon Appstore giving away ‘Dabble’ for Cyber Monday!

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Adding to their list of honors, the Dabble team now has been chosen by the Amazon Appstore as today’s ‘Free App of the Day’ for Cyber Monday! The app has already done great on iPhone and iPad, and now you can get it on Android absolutely FREE! Not only that, but you can get Dabble HD for the Kindle Fire, as well. (remember, we just added that! ) Get Dabble for the Kindle Fire tablet here, and for all other Android devices here. Better hurry — it’s only gonna be free for a few more hours! Congrats to Team Dabble, especially mastermind George Weiss!

Corona Indie Bundle top 5 in Amazon Appstore

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A week ago, we told you about the Corona Indie Bundle now being available on Android exclusively through the Amazon Appstore. And, as we expected, quite a lot of you wanted the app on Android! So many so, in fact, that yesterday the Bundle cracked the Top 5 on the Appstore’s charts for top paid games (#5) AND  top overall apps (#3). If you haven’t done so yet, you can get the app for your Android device below — let’s get it to #1!

Corona Indie Bundle now on Android, exclusively thru the Amazon Appstore

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Last week, we released the Corona Indie Bundle, a pack of five top-selling Corona games for iPhone and iPad. Many of you in the Android crowd were sad that you couldn’t get in on the fun that your iOS cohorts were enjoying. Well, now it’s your turn! The Corona Indie Bundle is now available on Android exclusively through the Amazon Appstore for Android for the same ol’ awesome price of 99¢. Not only that but, as of early this morning, it’s already sitting on the Amazon Appstore charts at #13 among all games and #21 among all paid apps. WHOA!!! Click below to download the Corona Indie Bundle for Android, or hit for all the details your heart may desire. Wüt!

(Part 5) Automated Testing on Android Devices: Bringing everything together through shell scripts

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There has been a lot of material presented over the last four parts. In this final part, we will finally go into some detail about our automated testing system for Android. We will also finally get an opportunity to bring everything together by looking a little more how our shell scripts orchestrate the test run and connect components from the previous parts. Android was a lot easier to setup automated on-device tests than iOS because the entire toolchain is command line driven. But ironically, actually running the tests has been more unreliable for us, mostly due to some bug related to adb. For some reason we can’t explain, adb will hang on us and it will not allow us to communicate with our device. This has

(Part 1) Automated Testing on Mobile Devices for iOS and Android

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Preamble: This post is going to be a little different than usual. What we present here is behind the scenes stuff used in making the Corona SDK. But we hope the information presented here goes beyond satisfying simple academic curiosity. We hope this information will actually be useful for others to directly use in their own projects. And the target audience for this post goes beyond our normal demographic. In addition to Corona developers, we are also reaching out to all Xcode/iOS/Mac developers, all Android developers, all Lua developers, and anybody interested in automated testing/software reliability. Also, as a consequence of our solution, people interested in Applescript, Scripting Bridge, and/or LuaCocoa may also find things of interest. Because the topic is vast, not every single

Corona SDK apps shine in the Amazon Appstore

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Not to be outdone by their Android Market counterparts, Corona-made apps in the Amazon Android Appstore also have been making quite a stir! The Secret of Grisly Manor by Fire Maple Games just peaked at #5 in the top paid apps list on Amazon, which doesn’t come as too much surprise to us since it’s been in Amazon’s top 10 paid apps for the past 12 weeks. If you have an Android device, be sure to check it out below: But that’s not all… !