App of the Week (August 28, 2011): Magic Defenders

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So, you think this week’s App of the Week would showcase a winner from this past weekend’s #CoronaHackathon, right? Unfortunately, no. Technically speaking, none of those apps have been built to the App Store or Android Market (yet!) — but I’ll still talk about them in a future blogpost. This week, you need to check out Magic Defenders. Much like last week’s winner, The Patriots, Magic Defenders is another game tasking you with defeating an escalating wall of forward-marching enemies. In this scenario, you’re a wizard protecting your village from an onslaught of invading Orcs. At first, it’s easy blasting to blast them with your magic attacks but, as their numbers increase, so must your quick-thinking as you group together different magical powers to better

App of the Week (August 21, 2011): The Patriots

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It’s one thing to rehash an old classic, but it takes some true ingenuity to wrap it in a completely different motif and make it a totally new experience. Something entirely new that game players can become immersed in, like they do with most great games. Even though this game would’ve been even greater and more immersive if it was released back on the July 4, we still think it’s pretty cool. Load up your muskets and set out with The Patriots! The Patriots casts you in the role of a gunner guarding the U.S. Capitol from re-invading Red Coats in post-colonial America. The British troops will march on you in increasingly greater numbers and complex patterns, and it’s your job to keep them at

App of the Week (August 14, 2011): MixZle

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As mobile developers, chances are that none of us are too good at sports. Sure, we might be fans, but when it comes to throwing the long ball or executing a 360º slam dunk. But what we may lack in calf muscles we make up for in brain power, and now we can put it to great use playing our latest App of the Week — the hoop-shooting puzzle game MixZle. Yes, with MixZle, you can make stadiums full of crowds roar as you dazzlingly slam a basketball through a hoop — well, not really. Actually, it’s a nifty, physics-based mosaic puzzle game that will massage your brain in order to put the ball into the net. Each of the 100+ levels presents you with a

App of the Week (August 7, 2011): Dabble

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Last week, I said I was on a retro binge with games like Bloo Kid and ChocoRun. This week, I think the word games have pulled me back! I know, I know… We’ve already had a word game featured here as our App of the Month, but that shouldn’t automatically disqualify all future word games from being in the running. Especially if one of those games is Dabble! Like its rhyming counterpart, Dabble is a word game that has now gone from the game board to the mobile platform. And much like our previous word game winner Word Ball, it has its own unique spin that gives it the potential to become another staple for game players anywhere, whether on a smartphone or a coffee table.

App of the Week (August 1, 2011): Bloo Kid

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Corona SDK developers seem to be on a retro binge lately. And hey, if the games of yesteryear have lasted this long in your collective conscience, they must have done something right! Plus, as an 80’s baby myself, I don’t mind retro games one bit. This week’s App of the Week is no different — behold Bloo Kid, in all his 8-bit glory! Bloo Kid is a perfectly built game for the mobile platform — it looks great and it’s easy to pick up and play. Upon immediately seeing it, you think Mega Man (which was an awesome game); upon maneuvering its “run + jump” controls, you think Mario Bros. (also an awesome game!)  Usually, on-screen controls can be hard to integrate seamlessly into the relatively

App of the Month (July 2011): Shovel Heroes

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It feels like I say this every month, but this month’s App of the Week winners were nearly impossible to pick a favorite from. Of course, this isn’t much of a surprise anymore. We’ve all seen how heavily Corona developers are stirring up these days with their increasingly more popular apps. Ultimately, in a field of great-looking arcade games, we ended up up going with the one that has the most scalability — and that’s Shovel Heroes. On top of its great graphics and easily addictive gameplay, Shovel Heroes has the most capability to expand. Its “freemium” model is an ingenious way for creators Progrestar to immediately open the it up to mobile gamers via free download, and then potentially monetize with in-game currency (and

App of the Week (July 24, 2011): Shovel Heroes

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Mobile developers are no strangers to the term social gaming. Yes, the old gaming tradition of squaring off against and/or alongside your friends hasn’t faded one bit, from the days of gathering ’round the TV to today’s collectively interconnected mobile arenas. And our latest App of the Week dives headfirst into that arena. Feast your collective eyes on Shovel Heroes! Shovel Heroes is one of the more (if not most!) ambitious games we’ve seen built with Corona. Aside from its impeccable artwork and intuitive, RPG-esque gameplay, it’s also got potential to become something of the next FarmVille. You see, Shovel Heroes is more than just an island treasure-hunting game — it’s also a “freemium” type game where you can get ahead by purchasing (like, with actual

App of the Week (July 17, 2011): ChocoRun

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Ever play a game that drives you crazy? Like, to the brink of apocalyptic rage as you try to get past its levels? Yet, despite nearly launching your device out of a window or lodging it permanently in the dry wall near you, it’s still impossible for you to just PUT IT DOWN??? Well, that’s ChocoRun — our latest App of the Week! In ChocoRun, you control the pixelated protagonist as he runs and jumps through a whirlwind of classic-looking 8-bit levels. The objective of each level is to 1.) find a key and then 2.) use that key to unlock the exit gate, which is placed elsewhere in the level. Along the way, sharp spikes and buzzsaws will try to chop you into cube-shaped chocobits.

App of the Week (July 10, 2011): Tiny Tanks

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One of the first toys that young kids play with is army men… Well, either that, or G.I. Joe… Or maybe the game Battleship? The point is that military-themed games have traditionally been somewhat of a playtime mainstay in modern culture. Seems like we just can’t get enough of a well-made war game. And Tiny Tanks is just that! As you guessed, Tiny Tanks reminds me a lot of the classic toys I mentioned above with its own digital twist thrown in — it takes the miniature playability of G.I. Joe’s and army men, adds in a dash of Battleship-type strategy, and brings the toys of yesteryear to life on your iPhone (or, even better, your iPad!). In the game, you have 20 levels to beat by

App of the Month (June 2011): Word Ball

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Even though the heatwave that blasted through the SF Bay Area at the end of last month made us crave for anything water-related, we ended up going with the semi-educational game for the June App of the Month. Yes, I’m talking about Word Ball! Word Ball combines the fast-paced unpredictability of a reaction ball agility drill with the ultra-geeky competitiveness of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The scalability of this game (easy to knock out words at the beginning, harder as more balls disappear) and its all-ages appeal give it the kind of widespread accessibility that make it stick out from the pack. It’s also brings a unique angle to the field of word games, not merely falling back on an old word game concept from