App of the Week: Brain Lab ll

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The average IQ in the U.S. hovers at around 100 – find out yours and boost your score with the Corona App of the Week, Brain Lab II! Developed by madhead studio, Brain Lab II gives both hemispheres a workout with fun puzzles and challenging exercises.

App of the Week: Logical Conclusion

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Boost your deductive reasoning skills with the mind-bending word puzzles of Logical Conclusion. Developed by the Japan-based Enfour studio, Logical Conclusion features a clean layout with unique word puzzles that help improve your analytical reasoning skills.

App of the Week: Little Generals

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The world is your oyster as you conquer lands in Little Generals. Since Little Generals’ release in late May, the game climbed the App Store ranks and was featured as New & Noteworthy in June. This entertaining game is the work of Canada-based Smarter Apps.

App of the Week: MindFeud

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MindFeud is the work of the Norway-based Monkeybin studio. The game soared to the top of the App Store charts, reaching the #1 spot in Spain and Brazil!

Read more about this engrossing Scrabble-like game.

App of the Week: Go Ninja

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There’s a growing trend of ninja protagonists in recent apps and Hiptic Games jumped on the bandwagon with Friday’s release of their first mobile title – ‘Go Ninja.’ As far as ninja action games go, this one takes the cake. As the ninja, you seek to avenge a city overrun by demon samurai, with an army of 50,000 soldiers. The game features slick HD graphics that run at 60fps (on iOS) with rich hand-drawn animations. Your character has nimble jumping skills and special attacks and abilities. Go Ninja is fun, fast-paced, and I guarantee you’ll have a tough time putting it down. The simplicity is, in large part, the gameplay quality that proves most appealing and addictive. You simply tap or swipe the screen to fend

App of the Week: Ivick Von Salza – Gathering Pieces

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Graphically unique and super fun to play, this week’s recognition goes to Ivick Von Salza – Gathering Pieces, based on an international children’s cartoon called Ivick Von Salza – The Little Lumberjack. When a little boy named Ivick and his portly pet pig, Malta, accidentally destroy the lumberjack’s wood-hacking machine, they’re instructed to collect all the pieces scattered throughout the snowy town. Through 30 levels, your objective is to fling Ivick and Malta from a slingshot towards the target piece and collect floating baseballs along the way to earn extra points. Aiming to make a perfect arch, you get four chances to land your character at the target, while making sure to avoid obstacles including trees, cliffs, sleds and more.  I loved being a part

App of the Week: Word Winder

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If you’re a fan of the Sunday crossword or the classic Scrabble, you’ll love the newly released Word Winder game for NOOK. Word Winder is the brainchild of David Hoyt, the man behind a number of popular games including Daily Jumble and Word Roundup. The app was launched in conjunction with a physical Word Winder board game, which is also available at Barnes and Noble stores. Within days of release, the Word Winder app snagged the #2 spot in the Word Game category, behind Words With Friends and ahead of Scrabble! The game was also #2 in Best Selling Board Game Apps. Perfect for any word game aficionado, Word Winder features 50 unique puzzles for each of the four single-player games within the app including frenzy, frenzy bonus, finder, and