App of the Month: Cannon Cat

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Cannon Cat

An addictive adventure game based on a heroic cat on a mission to rescue goldfish from a villainous emu. This 2-D action-adventure game reminds you a bit of Donkey Kong, as you blast the superhero feline from cannon to cannon.

App of the Week: Galaxy Pool

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For those of you who love a good game of tabletop pool, you’ll appreciate the (inverted) intergalactic mobile version – Galaxy Pool. Created by Polish game developer IT-EO, Galaxy Pool is a mind-bending physics game that requires strategy, logic and a small dose of patience. Your objective is to secure an alien and his spaceship to his home planet, by bouncing off bars scattered throughout the galaxy screen. These walls must be positioned to the perfect angle, in order for the spaceship to bounce off, collect stars along the way and make it home safely. Two rotation buttons located at the bottom of the screen allow you to rotate the bars to a precise angle. If you fail to set up your walls correctly, your spaceship

App of the Week: Nightlings

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Remember those childhood fears of monsters surfacing in the night once you’re safely nestled in bed? Shizapp Interactive brings those memories to life with Nightlings, as a 4-year old boy named Max takes cover in the safety of a makeshift fort under his bed. Max must save his abducted sister while keeping the monsters (or nightlings) from encroaching. As Max, you launch various items – thinks candies, spit wads and the like – at the nightlings, aiming to stop the toothy creatures from approaching your hideout. With each successful shot, you earn points to ultimately save your sister from her captors. Shooting spit wads at the admittedly adorable creatures was super addictive. With each successful shot, the nightlings became immobilized blobs which could be “collected”

App of the Week: Spin up (April 2nd, 2012)

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This week App of the Week goes to Spin Up. I had a sneak peek of this game while it was still in production and I wanted to to get my hands on it right away as I knew, by the looks of it, that it had quite the potential to be a great game, to become App of the Week, and  could potentially become a run-away hit at the AppStore. Once the game was release I installed it on my iPad, Walter’s iPad and started to play immediately. It is not a game you want to put down and as I over heard Walter, “it just keeps g0ing”. Yes, the game keeps going and each level and each ring gets more and more challenging.

App of the Week: Cat Wrangler for March 26th.

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Once again, I get to choose the app of the week, and once again, the volume of games and apps that are showing up is incredible. You guys are rocking ! Keep them coming. Aside from a great title, and a great game play, there is also another reason for me choosing this week’s winning app. I am a big fan of “Fallon“, the ad agency. And a few super bowls back, they did one of the funniest, at least for me, commercials for EDS. Yes. Cat Herders. So this week app is none other than “Cat Wrangler” from Untethered production. At first, you have to wonder what the “meowing” is all about, and once you get the hang of it, it is difficult to

App of the Week (March 19th, 2012): Apple Craze

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This week, guess who gets to choose the coveted Corona SDK app of the week? Me that’s who. And having played a few games this past week, the one game that stood out for me is “Apple Craze” by What’s great about this app is not just the game play, but the sounds and graphics and the lovable blue koala. Help this little  blue Koala find apples, cherry combos, destroy objects and more. Graphic detail is amazing and each level gets progressively more challenging. From description of the game “In a forest in distant Australia, a blue Koala made his home. The fluffy little darling spent all his days hanging on trees and chewing eucalyptus leaves. But everything changed when an apple fell out

App of the Week (March 12, 2012): Monster Splash

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We’ve seen many success stories with Corona SDK, but this one especially caught our eye. Scott from Free Fall Apps had been using Corona for a grand total of three weeks before he managed to create his first game — the marine life jumper Monster Splash. Not only that, but his first game is now our latest App of the Week! Monster Splash takes the familiar gameplay of a mobile jumper like Doodle Jump and wraps it in a fun, quirky ocean motif. You can select between eight lovable urchin characters to play through four beautiful underwater levels, including a coral reef, the deep sea, a shipwreck, and even Antarctica. The gameplay is pretty simple: Swim up (“jump”) as high as you can for as long as you

App of the Week (March 4, 2012): Time Keeper

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Sometimes, an app makes you not necessarily want to touch and play with it, but rather sit back and admire. Like a great work of art, an impeccably designed app can spur your own creativity and — on a greater level — push developers to build better apps. And I think Time Keeper is one of those apps! Time Keeper itself is inspired by another legendary creator of art — Leonardo da Vinci.  Like the always inventive da Vinci, Time Keeper takes the Corona SDK physics engine and applies it to a “motion clock” setting, almost like an hourglass. Watch as each ball in the clock drop, roll, and collide to map out the current time. Very rarely do hours and minutes look like this! Along with its

App of the Month (February 2012): The Lost City

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February set the bar pretty high for Corona apps. From 3D-looking eBooks to some of the most graphically intense games we’ve seen to date, this month has been infinitely encouraging to us about frontiers that the Corona community will soon traverse. Essentially, it came down between two apps: Grooh and The Lost City. Grooh gave us animations and graphics on a level we’ve never seen in a Corona app while Lost City made “ambitious” seem like a meager adjective to describe it. In the end, The Lost City edged out with the App of the Month victory. The Lost City is built on a scale that has yet to be matched by any other app we’ve seen. From the vast array of its in-game puzzles (that don’t repeat, I must

App of the Week (February 26, 2012): Scott’s Submarine

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One of the hardest things to do when creating an educational eBook for children is seamlessly integrating the educational material into the story without dulling down the entire eBook experience. When done right, it truly is something to be commended. And our latest App of the Week does just that — come take a ride in Scott’s Submarine! Whereas most children’s book simply help children learn how to read words, Scott’s Submarine takes that one step further. Instead of providing an irreverent story or maybe even an entertaining fable, this eBook actually doubles as a reading helper and a learning tool about the deep blue sea. So, while children can hone their reading skills with the words, they can also build up their brain banks with marine life