Corona Geek #31 – App Video Promotion With Apptamin

This week we discussed app marketing using video with Apptamin’s Sylvain Gauchet. Sylvain shared some great tips for using video effectively to improve your app sales, increase media exposure, and potentially attract financial backers. Also joining us on the developer panel was Ed Maurina, Gerald Bailey, and coding ninja, Jesse Warden. Listen in on the full hangout for more details.

Corona Geek #30 – App Store Optimization with AppCodes

This week we discussed app store optimization with Mo Bennouf, developer of Space Missile Command and Tomasz Kolinko, Lead Developer of Mo has worked very hard on his game and he has a lot to be proud of. So, he is experimenting with ASO to make sure his app ranks highly. To help us out, Tomasz explained some of the important things app developers need to consider when listing apps in the Apple App Store. He also shared how helps simplify the ASO process. Also joining us on the developer panel was Ed Maurina, Gerald Bailey, and Matthew Chapman.

Corona Geek #29 – Game Developer Talk with Word Hunt & Freeze

This week we discussed game development and app marketing with Robert Gleason, developer of Word Hunt and Andreas von Lepel, developer of Freeze. Robert Gleason was able to share some great insights into how Word Hunt was developed and while the original focus of the discussion was on game development, in the end it turned into a very enlightening conversation about app marketing.

Corona Geek #28 – App Development Workflow – Round Table Discussion

Today we discussed app development workflow with with Dr. Brian Burton, Ed Maurina, Gerald Bailey, Ian Masters, Matthew Chapman, and Tetsuo Ono. Overall we agreed that workflow is as varied as the number of development tools on the market, but there are also some best practices that developers can adopt to ensure that they develop their apps as quickly as possible. Listen in on today’s show and hear what this panel of Corona app developers had to share.

Corona Geek #25 – Hanging with Ricardo Rauber Pereira, Game Coder App Developer

There wasn’t a normal Monday Corona Geek hangout last week because I was flying back from California, but I did have the opportunity to talk with Ricardo Rauber Pereira about his new Corona SDK development tool, Game Coder which is a new iOS app that allows you to build a game on your iPad. Ricardo explained how projects can be exported to Corona for editing and then published for iOS devices.

Corona Geek Level Up – Global Game Jam, Game Coder, and Spine

It’s been a crazy busy week here at Corona Labs. Here’s a quick recap of some the things we’ve been working on this week. Starting this time last Friday, members of the team hung out at Global Game Jam in San Francisco and it was wicked awesome. There were a ton of creative people all packed into one big warehouse sized space and I got to talk with some amazingly talented people. Here are some images and video from Global Game Jam, San Francisco. Here’s a quick interview with one of the teams that participated at Global Game Jam in San Francisco.

Corona Labs Does Global Game Jam, San Francisco Style

So yesterday’s launch of Global Game Jam here in San Francisco went well. As people arrived they were encouraged to create fun hats to wear. That helped to bring people together at the various tables around the room. Most people put their name on their hat as a form of name tag. Overall, it was really just a time for people to get to know each other and talk because some people knew each other, but a lot of them didn’t.

Corona Geek – Episode 24 – Hanging with Hiptic Games & SSKCorona

During this week’s Corona Geek we hung out with Brian Burton, George Deglin, Long Vo, Ed Maurina, Matthew Chapman, and Gerald Bailey. We started the show off with some technical issues, but fortunately those issues didn’t keep us from finding out how Hiptic games created and marketed a brand new game in just 11 weeks, and how a third party Corona SDK library can help you with some of the common tasks involved in creating games and apps. See the show notes below for more details.