Corona Geek #97 – Variable Localization, CoronaViewer Tips, and App Prototyping

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, Ed Maurina showed us how to automate the addition of commonly used variables to projects. We looked at displaying projects instantly across multiple devices using CoronaViewer and Dropbox for synchronization. We also explored two standalone iOS apps that enable Corona app development directly on a device with fewer keystrokes.

Corona Geek #96 – Create Particle Effects In Photoshop Using Kaboom, and Ask Ed

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, Kwik Developer, Alex Souza announced Kaboom, an exciting new way to create particle effects in Photoshop without code. Corona Ambassador, Greg Pugh showed off an example of creating a campfire scene using Kaboom. And, Corona Ambassador, Ed Maurina gave us tips on improving app performance, and shared the code and blog post responses he’s created for forum questions.

Corona Geek #95 – Coronium Cloud Updates, Fire Phone, and Comparing App Store Notes

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, Corona Ambassador, Chris Byerly walked us through the latest version of Coronium Cloud code. He’s been hard at work adding user management, administrative tools, and enhanced push notification integration. We also had a round table discussion on Fire Phone along with some shared insights into whether Amazon’s App Store does better for developers, compared to Apple and Google Play.

Corona Geek #93 – Apple Rejects Rewards, LiquidFun Fluid Bodies, and Swift Programming Language

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, we discussed why Apple’s rejecting apps that offer rewards for video views and social sharing. We also talked about Corona SDK support for Google’s LiquidFun and walked through sample code to see how rigid bodies interact with fluid bodies. We also talked about Apple’s new Swift programming language and how it compares to Lua and Python.

Corona Geek #92 – Tools for Creating App Artwork

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, Corona Ambassador, Artist, and Children’s Book Author, Greg Pugh showed us a variety of tools he’s used for creating artwork for his apps. He also walked us through the process he uses to create custom art using Flash for his apps and interactive books.

Corona Geek #88 – Reward Customers and Take Payments In Your Apps

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we talk with Gremlin Interactive CEO, Danny Glover about adding customer rewards and credit card payments to your apps. Danny has developed a custom Corona plugin for Kiip, which offers rewards to users from the world’s largest brands, and he has developed a custom Corona plugin for Paypal that let’s customers scan credit cards to complete transactions within apps.