Corona SDK is now on Windows.

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It’s been an exciting past week for us here, at Ansca! In between all the hoopla around Bubble Ball, we also moved to a new office, ironed out some last minute show-stoppers, waited for the Apple approval process on three apps with new Corona SDK features for iOS (in-app purchases and universal binaries), monitored our servers as the traffic load increased astronomically — it goes without saying we have had a really busy week, and I still don’t see any signs of slowing down. Of course, I’m not complaining one bit! Without further ado, for all you Android developers who have been asking for Corona SDK on Windows, here is something you’ll probably like: I thought about what the best approach for the rest of this

Eric Wing, author and programmer extraordinaire joins us as Senior Software Engineer

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It is my great pleasure to let you all know that book author and programmer extraordinaire Eric Wing has joined the Ansca Mobile team, and we are very excited to have him on board!  Actually, Eric has been around with us for a few months now and has already put his OpenGL Kung Fu skills and audio skills to good use in our Corona SDK. But now, it’s official! Eric implemented OpenAL, universal binaries, in-app purchases (upcoming!), and more into the current version of Corona. At the moment, he is cranking away at some of the other features our users have requested, and some other really crazy ones that I won’t mention yet because it will totally ruin the surprise! I asked Eric to write a

Flash to Corona SDK Porting Guide

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CAUTION: This tutorial is outdated and the material cannot be confirmed as accurate. A new guide covering this topic is coming soon. This article is designed to get Flash developers quickly oriented within Corona. First, I’ll discuss how to take your existing Flash projects and turn them into Corona projects, followed by a more general introduction to Corona from a Flash perspective. (1) Exporting Assets from Flash A good first step is to export all your graphical assets. When porting from Flash Lite on older devices, I generally recreated higher-resolution assets for the larger iPhone and Android screens. However, web-based Flash games will likely have assets that are already a good size for today’s mobile devices. And of course, if the assets are vector-based, you

Corona SDK Tutorial: Game Development Path-Finding

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Over the past few months, we’ve noticed some very useful Corona SDK tutorials (complete with source code!) going up at the Mobiletuts+ mobile tutorials site. Just today, a new tutorial done by Carter Grove was posted on the site showing you how to use Corona’s path-finding algorithm. You can click the screenshot below to check it out, and see the rest of the Mobiletuts+ Corona SDK tutorials here. Also, if you want to make a tutorial yourself and share it with the rest of the Corona community (whether as a video or as a simple post with code annotations), let us know and we’ll help you out with anything you need!

Corona SDK Tutorial: Polygon point reduction with curve-fitting

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Using a variant of the Douglas-Peucker algorithm in conjunction with the curve-fitting algorithm by Philip J. Schneider found in Graphics Gems I, Carlos wrote this in Corona SDK using nothing but the Corona framework to draw, reduce points, and convert the resulting polyline into a series of cubic bezier curve segments. Sample code coming soon! (you can bug Carlos if you want it immediately, though)

Guest Post: The Birth of Corona – Part I

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This is a guest post by Joseph DeSetto, co-founder of reallyMedia (winners of this week’s App of the Week) and a founding partner of LifeForms Creative. The latter’s initial product, LifeForms for iPad, is a PDF annotation tool for personal information management. Joe also authored The Business of Design and Flash MX: Rich Media for the Web and was a speaker at the 2009 HOW Design Conference. He can be found online at or @desetto on Twitter. Dom Sagolla, before he was the author of 140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form, had just finished his presentation at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, Florida when I met him in the hallway back in late 2008. “Great presentation, Dom. It is cool you’ve

Happy Holidays! An update on what's coming in 2011

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To Our Corona Developers: First and foremost, I want to wish you — our Corona SDK development community — safe and happy holidays! Thank you all for your continued support and trust in us and our product. With 2011 upon us, I want to let you know what is ahead and what to expect from us in the first few weeks of January and the first half of the new year: . Big Announcements Coming Soon Stay tuned as we will make two major product announcements in January. While we can’t disclose exactly what they are yet, we can say they will open up mobile development to an even larger market! . Unlimited Trial Period Effective January, we are no longer going to limit Corona SDK

Guest Post: Corona SDK and eBooks, a match made in app heaven!

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Unicorn Labs‘ Mark Sigal talks about the evolution of eBooks, and just how Corona SDK allowed him and his team to create our latest App — err — eBook of the Week, Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race. For more from Mark, you can also check out a past interview and a quick blogpost we’ve done mentioning him and Unicorn Labs. I have written in the past about where I think eBooks are headed (“Rebooting the book”), but the essence is this:  Just as the advent of sound in motion pictures transformed not only how films were made, but also what they were and the economics behind them, such is the future for the book business and print media in general. Yet, the eBook business, as it exists

Martian Control: ANOTHER open source game made with Corona SDK!

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Beebe Games’ open source Angry Birds replica Ghosts vs. Monsters was such a hit with the Corona community that they decided to do it all over again! This time, they have created a clone of the popular iPhone game Flight Control, redubbing it Martian Control. The Beebes’ created their game in an astonishing 30-hour timeframe, with Biffy handling artwork and Jon handling the programming, as usual. For more details on the process, be sure to check out Jon’s blog. The source code for Martian Control is immediately available at the Corona Code Exchange. Below, you can watch a video demo of the open source game, which Jon assures us “gets choppy at times, but don’t worry, it’s just the video. Actual gameplay is very smooth and works