Hop to the Top with Corona SDK: David Fox of Orange Fox Games interview

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Last week, David Fox of Orange Fox Games saw his Hop to the Top iPhone game enter the App Store.  This week, he talks to us about the making of his game, and why he switched to Corona in order to build it. You can learn more about Hop to the Top at the Orange Fox web site. Starting off, what’s your background as a developer? What’s your preferred platform to create for? When I was about 11, I took a summer camp course on the basics of Flash.  This got me interested in the development of games, specifically for the web.  A few years later, I paired up with my development partner Ryan (co-creator of Hop to the Top) in high school and we decided

Ansca Mobile at Casual Connect in Seattle

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With the launch of Corona Game Edition coming up quickly, we decided to attend Casual Connect this past week, meet the people in the casual game industry and listen to what the speakers, panelists, and attendees are saying about casual games. One of the biggest take aways is the refrain, “Yes, we want to be on a mobile platform.” Casual gaming seems to be moving away from downloadable computer game toward the kind of portable games that people can play for a few minutes while waiting in line at the bank. People who were not the target market for a mobile gaming device now have a mobile phone that can double as a game machine with them at all times- and they are starting to

Interview with Armin Amir, Astro Junk HD

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Fresh off the release of his Astro Junk HD iPad game earlier this month, Unicorn Labs head programmer Armin Amir talks to us about the creation process and why he chose Corona to make his intergalactic shooter. You can watch a video demo of Astro Junk HD on Vimeo and learn more about the app at the Unicorn Labs web site. To start off, what’s your background as a designer and/or developer? Do you have a preferred language or platform? I’ve been developing for about 7 years in LAMP, and use PHP as my preferred language. Given your background, what made you say “I should use Corona!” when it came time to create Astro Junk? After researching several platforms — including Apple’s native Xcode SDK

Educational Pricing Out Now! Only 49 bucks!

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(Editor’s note: due to abuse, public availability of education pricing has been suspended.) We just released the details about our educational pricing.  Students and educators can now get the Corona SDK for $50 off!  That’s almost half off the already low low introductory price! Ansca Corona SDK Educational Price: $49 And if you order now, you’ll also qualify for an alpha copy of the Corona Game Edition! Zowee!  Corona Game Edition brings a physics engine, sprite sheets, Open Feint integration, and much more to the Corona SDK.  Watch the video. Impress your teachers. Amaze your students. Be the hit of the party when you show off your own apps in the AppStore. Get Corona for Education now!

Introductory Corona Tutorials from Burtons Media Group

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In a recent blog entry, Dr. Brian Burton of Burtons Media Group compared a number of game engines for iPhone, iPad and Android, and concluded: “I have given this a LOT of thought. I’m regularly asked by my students and others which engine(s) I am using. For 2D development, I have decided to go with Corona. I like the platform and being able to develop for multiple systems at the same time.” Dr. Burton has also created some helpful tuturial videos for brand-new Corona developers: iPhone Game Development with Corona: Getting Started – Hello World Android Game Development with Corona: Getting Started Developing iPhone/iPad/Android Games with Corona: Working with Buttons If you’re new to Corona development, you should definitely give these a look!

Interview with Matt Pringle, Alien Horde

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We recently spoke with Matt Pringle, designer and author of the new game Alien Horde, about his experiences developing the game. You can learn more about the game at www.alienhorde.com, and a video is on youtube. Tell us a bit about yourself, what kinds of work you have done. I’m a graphic designer by trade and have worked as one for 10 years now. I started out studying Aerospace Engineering at University but I wanted to do something a little more creative so I decided to become a designer. I’ve worked for clients such as Electronic Arts and 3DO in the game industry producing renderings, packaging and logo designs. These days I mostly design and build websites, working for a design company in Manchester, England.

Corona Game Edition: re-Pre-introduction

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Okay, I’m sitting here on a Friday night, waiting for what we think is the last build before Corona Game Edition Alpha 1 can be pushed out the door. At that time we’ll have a welcome celebration…. we’ve said we wanted to push it out every week for the last 3, and it just hasn’t quite come together. Corona 2.0 Beta 4 and 5 have taken priority, and there’s been one thing after another to keep us occupied. Meanwhile we keep adding features, which means the docs have to be updated, and Evan keeps futzing with the demos because, well, it’s just so much fun to play with. So knock on wood, we’ll have it ready in a matter of minutes. This time for sure!

Game Edition Update: “SimplePool”

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While working out last-minute issues with deploying Game Edition Alpha, we’ve used the time to produce a stack of cool sample projects. (I often find it easier to learn from code samples than from documentation, and from what we’ve heard, a lot of our users feel the same way.) So far, my favorite Game Edition sample code is “SimplePool”, which uses our new physics engine to literally implement an entire game of billiards for iPad in just 200 lines of code! Better yet, the majority of that code is used to position the objects and initialize their physical properties; the physics engine then takes over and manages most of the game automatically. This is the nice thing about physical simulations: you just need to set

Improved movieclip library

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The external movieclip.lua library allows you to create animated sprites (sometimes called “movieclips”) from sequences of images, which can then be moved around the screen using the same techniques as any other Corona display object. Functions are available to play these animation frames, or partial sequences of these frames, in either the forward or reverse direction; to jump to specified frames; to skip to the next or previous frame; to automatically delete the animation on completion of a sequence; and to make the animation draggable, complete with press, drag, and release events. Drag boundaries have also been added in this revision. For further documentation, see the latest version of the 2.0 Beta Guide, although this library should be compatible with any version of Corona since