Corona: Supporting different OS versions and a plan for sanity

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Several weeks ago, I talked about how we’ve begun our feature cycle. We’ve actually gotten quite a few items done that you can check out on the Corona roadmap. However, we haven’t hit our stride quite yet because of some difficult challenges related to OS versions. So this week, I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of some of those challenges, what we’ve learned from the experience, and our plans to tackle them. Working around Breaking Changes Last month, I talked about the breaking changes Apple introduced in 10.8. Thinking that we were about to wrap up with workarounds, I had planned to do a follow up on a new public release for 10.8. Boy was I wrong! We’ve spent the last few weeks working around

Corona: How to Train Your Mountain Lion

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How to Train Your Dragon or Mountain Lion

If you have a “case of the Monday’s”, then you’re in luck! I’m going to start giving updates on Mondays for a change. Mac OS 10.8 Broke Daily Builds So first thing’s first, what does that title mean? Well, Apple is mere days away from releasing their update to Mac OS, version 10.8 a.k.a. Mountain Lion, so we wanted to make sure we were fully compliant so that the Corona Simulator would run without a hitch. Unfortunately, we’ve faced numerous headaches from XCode tool bugs, project migration issues, GateKeeper/code-signing, etc. that derailed our normal feature work. On top of that we had to take our daily build machine down and get it working properly on 10.8. Now, some of you have noticed that daily builds haven’t

Daily Build Update for May 18: Bug Fixes

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Corona SDK is always getting better and better, and this past week has been no exception. While a few notable additions have been checked-in, there’s been a strong focus on bug fixes to help stabilize and improve the overall quality of the Corona SDK. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happened since just last week…

LuaFileSystem (LFS) Coming Soon

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Something that has been consistently requested for a while now was more file-system related control, that is, more than what the current File I/O API allows you to do. Such as, allowing developers to get the listing of files in a specific directory, create folders (in Documents and Temporary directories), remove directories, and even get the attributes of a specific file—all things that have been impossible to do in Corona. Impossible until now, that is. I’m happy to announce that coming soon to a daily-build-near-you is the highly-requested LuaFileSystem (LFS) library, which will enable all the things mentioned, as well as a little more.

Update: iPad Retina Display

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Team Corona, Good news! After much fanfare, we finally got our hands on what seemed like the last iPad 3 on the planet, so we could finally hunker down and investigate the retina display issues. We now have a patch to the iOS builds available in daily build 767 that addresses the retina display issues. (Just realized it’s named after one of Boeing’s jets, which is kinda cool…) Couple of minor technical notes: We recommend updating to XCode 4.3.1/iOS 5.1 SDK. This lets you view your app on the iPad Retina device within the XCode simulator. If you already downloaded yesterday’s daily build from March 15, you’re all set; just click “Build”. Please start testing and give us your feedback in our special iPad 3

Tutorial: Game Center Integration (iOS)

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Since the Game Center feature is just an extension of the existing gameNetwork API, there’s no need to go over every single available request you can send to Game Center—you can view the updated gameNetwork init(), request(), and show() documentation for that. So instead, I’ll give you a quick overview of what you need to do on the “Apple side” of things (iTunes Connect), the Corona “setup” info, as well as the special considerations that need to be taken to ensure everything works properly in your app. iTunes Connect Link: Visit the iTunes Connect Portal The steps you’re required to take on Apple’s side of things are pretty straightforward, so I won’t need to go too in-depth with this section. In short, you’ll need to

Coming Soon: Native WebView and Video

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Coming to a Daily Build near you: two new API’s that will allow you to add brand-new native webViews and video objects to your project, and do some pretty crazy things with them as well. Sure, you were able to display websites using web popups and full-screen video using existing API’s, but now you can move webViews and video objects, have multiple different instances of them up at once, or even add physics to them if that’s your thing. (I wasn’t kidding when I said crazy!) The API’s will be called native.newWebView() and native.newVideo(), and they’ll be available in the next daily build, so subscribe now so you can take advantage of these amazing new features as soon as they’re ready. And in the meantime,

Implementing Facebook Single Sign-On

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Those who read the previously published tutorial on uploading photos to Facebook are already familiar with the Facebook single sign-on functionality that’s now available in Corona. But for those who missed the previous tutorial, and for the sake of having one-stop resource for helping you get single sign-on to play nicely with your app, we’ve decided to publish an entire tutorial dedicated to the topic. Since this is a cross-platform feature, this tutorial will apply to both iOS and Android (though admittedly, there is much less setup involved on the Android side of things). You’ll also need to make sure you’re using Corona Build 2011.707 or higher.