Tutorial: Game Center Integration (iOS)

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Since the Game Center feature is just an extension of the existing gameNetwork API, there’s no need to go over every single available request you can send to Game Center—you can view the updated gameNetwork init(), request(), and show() documentation for that. So instead, I’ll give you a quick overview of what you need to do on the “Apple side” of things (iTunes Connect), the Corona “setup” info, as well as the special considerations that need to be taken to ensure everything works properly in your app. iTunes Connect Link: Visit the iTunes Connect Portal The steps you’re required to take on Apple’s side of things are pretty straightforward, so I won’t need to go too in-depth with this section. In short, you’ll need to

Coming Soon: Native WebView and Video

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Coming to a Daily Build near you: two new API’s that will allow you to add brand-new native webViews and video objects to your project, and do some pretty crazy things with them as well. Sure, you were able to display websites using web popups and full-screen video using existing API’s, but now you can move webViews and video objects, have multiple different instances of them up at once, or even add physics to them if that’s your thing. (I wasn’t kidding when I said crazy!) The API’s will be called native.newWebView() and native.newVideo(), and they’ll be available in the next daily build, so subscribe now so you can take advantage of these amazing new features as soon as they’re ready. And in the meantime,

Implementing Facebook Single Sign-On

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Those who read the previously published tutorial on uploading photos to Facebook are already familiar with the Facebook single sign-on functionality that’s now available in Corona. But for those who missed the previous tutorial, and for the sake of having one-stop resource for helping you get single sign-on to play nicely with your app, we’ve decided to publish an entire tutorial dedicated to the topic. Since this is a cross-platform feature, this tutorial will apply to both iOS and Android (though admittedly, there is much less setup involved on the Android side of things). You’ll also need to make sure you’re using Corona Build 2011.707 or higher.

Using App URL Schemes in iOS

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Have you ever wondered how apps get launched from other apps, whether it’s a link you touched in Mobile Safari, or a button you pressed in another app? Well today, I’m going to show you how to do exactly that with one of the new features that recently came out in the Daily Builds. The technical term is “app URL schemes” and I already touched on how to do it (indirectly) during last week’s tutorial on how to upload photos using the Facebook API. That’s because Facebook single sign-on cleverly makes use of an app URL scheme to bring the user back to your app after authenticating. Note to Android Developers App URL schemes, which are accomplished via “intent filters” on Android, are implemented much

Uploading Photos to Facebook in Corona

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Those who have been keeping a close eye on our Daily Build logs may have noticed a very nice “holiday surprise” we let out a bit early this year. As you probably already know, I’m talking about (the nearly-famous) build 2011.707—which is available to subscribers only at the moment via Daily Builds. For those who don’t know, the build was packed full of “goodies”, to include: Facebook single sign-on & photo uploading, front-facing camera support (Android), web popup performance improvements, custom URL scheme handling, remote push notifications (iOS), under the hood improvements, and the list goes on. Carlos really wasn’t messing around in his “‘State of the Corona’ Address” blog post the other day! Unfortunately, I can’t go over everything in a single blog post,

The Amazon/Kindle Fire Opportunity

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Okay, this time we mean it! Starting with tonight’s daily build, PRO subscribers will be able to build for the Amazon Appstore/Kindle Fire. (In case you missed the excitement, we blogged a little early due to a communication snafu yesterday. What happened? In a nutshell, there’s been a flu going around and half the team is literally sick. So in the fallout, we’ve gotten a little OCD around here, quarantining desks, making public health/safety announcements to the team, and handing out Purell hand sanitizer bottles. But I digress…) There have been a lot of reviews about the Kindle Fire. And I agree it’s not perfect, but two things stood out: 1. Ready for consumption. As soon as I connected the Fire to WiFi, my name

More Android Daily Build Highlights

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If you’ve seen the Daily Build release notes lately, you’ll notice that more and more Android features and fixes have been coming through at an alarming rate! Today I’m going to highlight some of the more prominent features and fixes that have been recently pushed-in, but I highly encourage you to go check out the latest Daily Build and see for yourself. There’s a lot of great stuff, so I’m really just scratching the surface here, but here are the highlights nonetheless:

Multiple Lines in display.newText()

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Taking a look at a few forum threads on the topic, it’s plain to see that there’s a definite need for built-in text-wrapping capabilities in Corona! Well today just might be you’re lucky day, that is, if you’re one of those people in need of it, because as of Daily Build 638, display.newText() now has the ability to wrap text, and it now properly supports the newline (n) character! (Be sure to see the Important Notes section at the end)