Recap: CTIA Enterprise & Apps 2011 in San Diego

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Here we are, coming to you live from CTIA’s Enterprise & Applications 2011 conference at the San Diego Convention Center! Before I proceed, I must apologize to any of you reading this from cold weather climates, as it’s warm and ridiculously sunny outside. Anyway, Samsung invited us to be part of their technology showcase here, at CTIA.  We have prime real estate on the exhibition floor because Samsung’s presence is huge!  Their space on the exhibition floor is gigantic with several companies represented, built-in conference rooms, and interesting displays of Samsung wireless technology. In fact, the lanyards around everyone’s necks even have the Galaxy S II on them. It’s been great meeting so many Corona developers at the show.  I’ve heard a lot about some great apps and games made

Time for ANOTHER Corona SDK meetup!

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In the last month, we’ve had #CoronaHackathon and another huge meetup at Ansca HQ. Naturally, a lot of you were quick to let us know about how you wished there were more Corona SDK events near you, outside of our Silicon Valley backyard. Well, your wishes have now been answered! Next week, Corona legends Crawl Space Games are putting on a Corona meetup in Chicago. Not only that, but our very own Carlos will be there too! So, this is a chance for Midwest Corona fans to finally take part in a meetup, just like we routinely do in the SF Bay Area. Click the screenshot below to sign up for the meetup on next Thursday, September 8. Trust me, you really should get out to Chicago

MOAR!!! (Mother Of All Recaps) #CoronaHackathon

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Okay, so you saw the live recap of our hackathon this past Saturday, and then you also saw yesterday’s recap of the winners. But there’s sooo much MOAR!!!!! Below, you’ll find a few blogs kept by other #CoronaHackathon attendees. We couldn’t possibly have caught every single nuance of the day’s events in our posts, so it’s nice to have many different sides of the story.

Recap: Winners from our first-ever #CoronaHackathon

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Well, we certainly are pooped from this past weekend’s #CoronaHackathon festivities, but we must say it was totally worth it! The 37 apps (20 from the floor, 17 from virtual attendees worldwide) we saw made in less than 12 hours completely floored us. All in all, witnessing the day’s events proved to us yet again that we have the best developers (that’s you!) on the planet! Of course, this isn’t rec league soccer… So, let’s get to the winners!

The #CoronaHackathon liveblog!

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We’re a few hours deep into today’s Corona SDK Hackathon here, in the heart of San Francisco. You can follow the details as they unfold in real-time over on the #CoronaHackathon hashtag, or catch some of the visual highlights below, as I add them. Also, if you’re hacking away virtually, feel free to send me photos of you building your magnificent creations. I’ll post the best pics of our virtual hackathon participants up here, as well!

This weekend’s #CoronaHackathon will be GLOBAL!

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Check this out! For this Saturday’s #CoronaHackathon, we’ve also managed to track down where all of our virtual attendees willing be logging in from worldwide. Yes, it looks like this will be a global battle for Corona supremacy. If you see your locale highlighted on the map below, feel free to give a shout-out in the comments section to your fellow #CoronaHackathon competitors! Also, be sure to follow our #CoronaHackathon forum thread for the latest details on how things will work this weekend. And lastly, we still have a few extra tickets left for those of you who wanna jump on at the last minute! See you all this weekend!

Recap: Corona SDK Meetup (August 4, 2011)

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To kick off the weekend, Corona enthusiasts (SDK and/or beer) packed Ansca HQ in Silicon Valley for another mighty fun meetup! Much of the night could not have been made possible without PapayaMobile, who graciously provided pizza and assorted libations for our beloved meetup brethren. Thanks guys! The meetup itself was relatively unscripted in comparison to the previous one we had with scheduled demos and presentations. Of course, that didn’t mean that there weren’t plenty of Corona pet projects being shown off by some of our guests!   And, of course, our very own Walter and Carlos stepped onto literal soapboxes to run the gauntlet of questions posed to them by attendees. I might have had a little too much Corona SDK that night to recall

Wanna demo your app at this week’s Hacker Dojo?

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Earlier today, the Corona SDK Hacker Dojo scheduled for this Thursday in the San Francisco Bay Area officially sold out! Now, for those of you attending, we have another treat for you — the chance to demo your app in front of your fellow Hacker Dojo brethren! It’s actually a tech demo, meaning that you’ll be able to show off the inner workings of your app and how you built it from the ground up. Interested? You better hurry as demo space is extremely limited. Simply e-mail Hacker Dojo organizer Sid with the following info. Name of your app Description of what it does The technology/platform you used to build it Your name Good luck, young grasshopper!

So… What are you doing on July 7?

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Never ones to shy away from app developer events, our Ansca co-founders will be out and about next week, eager to meet and mingle with developers like yourself! First up is the Hacker’s Dojo in Mountain View, California on July 7. Specifically, this session of the Dojo is dubbed “Cross Platform development with Corona SDK,” and our very own Walter Luh will be there to talk about just that! Be sure to sign up with Bay Area Mobile to attend the Dojo by clicking below: And if you happen to not live near the San Francisco Bay Area, never fear…

Recap: Barnes & Noble workshop for Corona SDK

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The Barnes & Noble boardroom was quite the happening place a couple days ago! Barnes & Noble put on a NOOK Color app development workshop aimed specifically at Corona SDK developers… …Naturally, we were invited to help answer questions about what’s coming in the (very) near future from us for the NOOK, and how we’re working with Barnes & Noble to make NOOK development a reality for many Corona developers. B&N’s own Chief Developer Evangelist Ted Patrick was on hand to show attendees the ropes of developing for the NOOK and collecting revenue from sales.