Tutorial: Resurrect your Flash games

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Alright, so we really don’t have to explain the relevance of this post to recent events that have occurred. Matthew Pringle is creator of the Corona Remote accelerometer plug-in for Corona Simulator. He also used to be a Flash developer before making the leap to Corona, and will now show you how you can easily convert your Flash games to Corona too! And to help you do it even more easily, we’re giving away free copies of the Spriteloq Flash-to-Corona converter to anyone who buys a copy of Corona SDK PRO and forwards their receipt to spriteloqpromo[at]anscamobile[dot]com. (offer not good with any other coupons and not applicable with educational purchases. Offer valid through November 25th) It’s the least we could do for our developers. A few months ago,

Guest Post: How Flash runs on Corona SDK

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After the fallout to Carlos’ post about Flash a couple weeks ago, we followed it up with a guest post attesting to Flash’s mobile shortcomings. But now, indie developer Elliot Pace  has shown us that Corona and your preexisting Flash skills can be used together to create awesome mobile games. No need to choose one or the other, or completely quit Flash cold turkey! Check out Elliot’s guest post below, and also check out his blog for more Flash-tinged Corona goodness. His upcoming tower defense game ‘The King’s Path’ is set to be released within the next couple months — can’t wait to play it! Have you ever programmed and packaged an iOS app using Xcode and Objective-C without an engine?  If so, then you know

Guest Post: We put the brakes on Flash

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Alright, alright — so  Carlos’ post about Flash last week seems to have ruffled a few feathers (as was his intention! :-P). So, now allow me to point you to Exhibit B. Gianluca Pinoci is a former Flash fanatic. A few months ago, his agency BOOM Interactive was commissioned by British auto brake maestros Ferodo to build a branded app. The result was the Ferodo Race Challenge game for iPhone, but not without some initial (Flash-related) hiccups… I wanted to share my experience with other developers in the Corona SDK community — particularly with some of the technical challenges involved in developing a top-down racing game, which is different from the more popular platform-based games developed in Corona. Not only did I transition from Flash to Corona,

Thoughts on Flash

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Three years ago. That’s right. Three years ago, nobody knew who the heck we were. I would tell people I had started a company and it was a mobile software company, and nobody had a clue as to what I was working on, let alone understand the market the way Walter and I did. We informally started the company in mid-2008, and began the tireless hustle and sleepless nights of courting VC funding in 2009. Finally, on 09-09-09, we got funded at the tune of $1 million dollars. That was in 2009. During most of 2010, still, nobody knew who we were. We had an abysmal website with no traffic, hardly any apps made with Corona, no active developer community, and we were burning cash

Here today, gone tomorrow

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We still have several months to go, but one thing is certain: we’ll remember 2011 as the year that major mobile platforms started going extinct. Six months ago, Nokia’s CEO announced that their entire Symbian software stack was a burning platform. RIP Symbian. Just last week, HP discontinued the Touchpad. The fate of WebOS is unclear, but judging by their forum traffic (18 folks online as I type this) the writing’s on the wall. When two of the largest companies in the world throw in the towel, you have to wonder who’s next. You would have thought that Symbian and WebOS were “too big to fail” given the companies that were backing them. But that’s the thing about platforms. Building one is really really tough.

Wanna get the Spriteloq Flash exporter for free?

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A couple weeks back, we told you about Spriteloq, a tool for Flash developers to easily export their Flash sprites and animations to Corona SDK, without remaking them… …Now, the guys at Loqheart are teaming up with us on one heckuva deal. We have a limited number — literally, a mere handful — of Spriteloq copies on hand, and we’re looking to give them away for free!

Tutorial: Porting ActionScript games to iOS (with Corona SDK, of course!)

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The Corona SDK section over at Mobiletuts+ is always full of great tutorials. And below, you’ll find a tutorial that especially caught our eye, as we know many of you Flash developers will dig it! This three part tutorial takes a look at porting a Flash/Flex game to Corona SDK. Specifically, it walks you thru porting from ActionScript to Lua, with the end goal of playing formerly Flash-only games on the iPhone and iPad. Along with demonstrating language and API differences, the tutorial also accounts for hardware restrictions such as screen size and lack of physical buttons on the iPhone. So, without further ado…

Spriteloq, a new Corona SDK toy for Flash developers

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It’s no secret that Flash developers love Corona SDK (and we love ‘em too!). I mean seriously, how could you say “no” to something like this:   And now, thanks to our Corona cohorts over at Loqheart have made a shiny new toy for you Flash folk. It’s called Spriteloq, and it allows you to easily take all your Flash sprites/animations and import them into Corona, sparing you the hassle of remaking them all from scratch. It goes something like this… …Once you wipe the drool off your chin, head on over to our Plug-Ins page to learn how to get your hands on SpriteLoq.

More Flash treats…

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Yesterday, introduced our new sub-forum for Flash developers. Now, we’ve put together an index of side-by-side code comparisons demonstrating just how easy it is for Flash devs to cross over to Corona SDK! Case in point:

New Flash/ActionScript sub-forum

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Corona has always had a reputation of working especially well for Flash developers and ActionScript aficionados. So much so that we have a little mini-culture brewing in the Corona Community of just Flash/ActionScript people talking to us about their particular inquiries and what-not. So, we decided to give all of you Flash/ActionScript folk your very own sub-forum in our Corona SDK Developer Portal! Here, you’ll be able to easily access info and answers to questions that you may have, without any outside noise getting in the way. The new Flash/ActionScript sub-forum is brand new and ready for you to sow, tabula rasa-style! Click the screenshot below to get started right away…