‘Blast Monkeys’ hits (dramatic pause) 1 million downloads!

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Holy flippin’ ape crap, Batman! Last night, the guys at Yobonja games informed us that their mobile game Blast Monkeys crossed 1 million total downloads between the App Store and Android Market. We featured Blast Monkeys here as our App of the Week and again as App of the Month back when it first released a few months ago. Since then, the game has been featured as a “Trending App” in the Android Marketplace, and has been sitting in the top 5 of the “Action and Arcade” category and top 10 of all Android Marketplace games for the past three weeks. Not to be outdone, the App Store has seen Blast Monkeys hit the #1 spot of the “Kids” and “Puzzle” categories in six countries, reach the top 5

Technology for non-technologists

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Mashable discusses a trend that we’ve been seeing since we started Corona, citing the mobile development experience of Robert Nay, author of the #1 iOS app Bubble Ball: He’s a pioneering user of the next generation of platform dependencies — innovations upon which further innovations can be built. Eventually, you won’t need to have any technical knowledge in a world increasingly defined by technology. Rather, the only thing you will need to have is an idea, and having good ones will be the only meaningful thing setting you apart from others. I like to think of it as the triumph of creativity over learned skill. Couldn’t express the Corona SDK value proposition better myself! Click the the screenshot below to check out the full article

2 Games 1 Month: The story of a Corona convertee

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Bay Area game studio Yobonja are releasing two games today: A massively updated version of their App of the Week winner Blast Monkeys and a brand new one called Tap Party 2. Below, designer Stepan Shurygin of the Retro Ink Graphic Design Company talks about how he worked on both games with the Yobonja guys and subsequently was exposed to “this new SDK” called Corona, and details how they ended up putting both games together in a month. From the looks of it, it looks like Step and the Yobonja guys will be sticking with Corona since “we simply couldn’t afford to spend months on a single project when we could rebuild and put together several new games in the same time frame.” You can get both, Blast

Yobonja! have something on 'Tap'…

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Previous App of the Week winners Yobonja! (exclamation point included) just submitted their latest title to the App Store, the upcoming Tap Party 2. The game was simultaneously created for iOS and Android, which Yobonja attributed to Corona’s fast content scaling ability across multiple platforms. Since we’ve been seeing a lot of questions about precisely that lately, we thought we’d provide past links to content scaling tutorials that we’ve done. Corona SDK: Content scaling made easy Corona SDK: Dynamic image resolution made easy Use dynamic layouts in universal builds with Corona SDK Also, if you wanna see how Yobonja! utilized the above tutorials in the making of Tap Party 2, you can check out their blogpost chronicling the process below.

Eight Elements to a Successful Game

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One of the most exciting parts of being on Team Corona is that I get to see a lot of your great games all the way from inception to being released on the App Store and/or Android Market. A lot of you send me your games to figure out a problem here and there, or ask me questions about how to do XYZ or this-and-that. Some of you send me assets without blinking; other of you are reluctant to send me your assets because your game is the next Angry Birds and you don’t want anyone to see your creation. Some of you are reluctant to send me the code because the “code” is not pretty. Trust me, I’ve heard and seen just about every

Corona SDK multi-touch helps "build a bridge between parents and kids"

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Keng-Fu Chu currently is a master’s degree candidate at  NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).  A a couple weeks ago, we chose his game ROBOT 99 as our App of the Week, which also happens to be his graduate thesis project. . We called the game “board games 2.0″ in our blogpost about it, and coincidentally Fu told us that he aimed to create a multi-touch game for families by creating ROBOT 99! . Currently, Fu is in need of more gameplay testing experiences from families or groups, in general. If you can help him out, feel free to e-mail him. He has put ROBOT 99 up totally FREE(!!!) for download at the App Store, so go get it and try it out!

Corona SDK game by 14-year-old developer reaches #1, dethrones Angry Birds

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Like the headline says, a Corona-built game named Bubble Ball (which was our most recent App of the Week) just passed the free version of Angry Birds: Seasons on the App Store’s free apps chart. According to the developer — who is just 14 years old — the physics puzzle game has over a million downloads to date, and the download numbers haven’t even topped off yet. We’ve been watching Bubble Ball climb the charts today. Heck, we were pretty excited when it reached #2, thinking it could never unseat the mighty Angry Birds. But then, just a few minutes ago, it hit the #1 spot! Congratulations to developer Robert Nay on this achievement — we’ll be following up on this story with more details about

Guest Post: Zombies, ice cream, and how we fell in love with Corona…

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Fresh off claiming the inaugural win in our new App of the Week contest, Brock Henderson of Crawl Space Games shares with us why the Chicago-based studio decided to go with Corona despite already creating an excellent game without it before. Zombies Ala Mode is now available at the App Store in all its dairy-slinging glory. The development of Zombies Ala Mode is kind of a crazy story that the world ought to know. When we started building the game many months ago, we were still using Unity3D. We published our first game, Knife Toss, using that engine. So naturally, we thought that making our second game in it was the best option, since we had experience using it and its ability to do cross-platform publishing.

'Particle Candy' for Corona now available

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About a month ago, we gave you a look at the Particle Candy particle/effects engine from our friends at X-Pressive.com. Now, we’re happy to announce that Particle Candy is available for download. Not only that, but you can get it for 50% off by using the coupon code LetItSnow! You can download Particle Candy now at the X-Pressive purchase page. Also, be sure to check out X-Pressive’s very easy How to Guide to learn how you can start implementing Particle Candy in your Corona creations. Who knows… This could be the thing that pulls your app or game ahead in our new App of the Week/Month contest!