Guest post: Introducing CoronaPaper, a digital magazine for Corona developers

About a year and a half ago, I started to write down beginning ideas for CoronaPaper. An online magazine for Corona developers all over the globe, I envisioned CoronaPaper packed with fun, easy to learn, cool information, filled with hilarious competitions and great prices to boot.

On December 17, we plan to launch the first issue, thanks to great teamwork between 10FINGERS and Corona Labs. The first issue is packed with interesting articles, FAQs, cheat sheets, news on APIs and much more. We had the opportunity to interview Walter Luh, the founder and CEO of Corona Labs, for the first edition. It’s a great read about a man that’s made our “hall of fame” here at 10FINGERS.

Developing a Children’s Book App for the Holiday Season (Guest Post)

Children’s books are a popular, and relatively successful, niche for app development. Producing a title specifically for a holiday season obviously means getting it into the market in time, as it may only have a sales window of six weeks or so. However, if sales justify it, you can always make updates for the next holiday season, and add new features.

Seven Steps to Game Concept Development (Guest Post)

Gonzalo Borriero is the CEO of Tekko Games, a Uruguay-based studio that developed the recent Corona App of the Week – Thief Job. The game was recognized for its polished and entertaining gameplay as well as the impressive graphics and character development. Based on his team’s experience developing Thief Job, Gonzalo shares seven steps for creating a well thought-out game concept.

FAQs: Point and Click Adventure Game Development (Guest Post)

Graham Ransom and Simon Pearce are the dynamic duo behind Glitch Games,and the developers of Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD, a new point-and-click adventure game for the iPad/iPhone. Graham asked his Twitter followers for questions on developing adventure games, and he shares answers to a handful of the most popular inquires here.

Tutorial: Dynamically-Optimized Sprites

Today’s guest tutorial comes to you courtesy of Omid Ahourai, an indie game developer who goes by the alias “ArdentKid.” He’s been working with Corona SDK for over two years and will soon release his first highly-anticipated game, “Balloon Bazooka.” Please check out his work and blog at