Guest Post: Five Lessons from Smarter Apps

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Hi! I’m James from Smarter Apps Inc. We’ve recently released a game for iOS called Little Generals that was built with Corona and I thought I’d share just a couple of the lessons I learned while mucking about and making stuff blow up.

Guest Post: Monkeybin Studio

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Monkeybin was started in Oslo, Norway, in 2010 after Kim Ruben Vatnehagen and I met while working as independent contractors on a big software project. We formed the company with the objective of developing and publishing games for mobile devices and consoles. At first we decided to continue doing sporadic contractor work to make ends meet, but we spent as much time as we could learning what the mobile games world looked like and how it behaved.

Guest Post: Bringing Music to Mobile with Corona

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I am a 15 year old student who loves music and spends his free time developing with Corona.

There is nothing like downloading a new iPhone app. However, gazing into a screen and tapping it a few times is not enough for everyone. With Corona, not only can one use accelerometer and gyroscope functions, but you can also access an endless pool of APIs.

Ad Network vs. Ad Mediation/Exchange: A Breakdown!

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Mobile app monetization is a tremendous space that is growing daily and is expected to reach tens of billions of dollars in coming years. If you are an app developer looking to monetize, it makes sense to go with the most robust and comprehensive solution available. An app monetization exchange, such as inneractive, offers more options, reaching consumers with relevant ads and optimizing for the most relevant content.

Guest Post: Advantages of Cross-Platform Development

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Sam Goshen and Jake Scarano are the creators of Chip Breaker, available for iOS, NOOK, Kindle Fire and Android devices. Sam and Jake are a great example of a developer and designer duo that have achieved success by taking advantage of Corona SDK’s cross-platform capabilities. Read on for a plethora of tips from Sam – ranging from an overview of each marketplace to dealing with advertising to tweaking your business plan!

Guest Post: If I Were a Rich Man

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I am a reluctant member of the app-making business, a recovering programmer/designer who has fallen off the wagon. This matters, because when I chose to base my ebook platform on Corona SDK, I chose it to minimize the programming involved. See, if I were a rich man, I’d be in the jungles of Borneo reporting on the environmental and social destruction, gathering the sounds and photography and video and stories to make a book app. That’s where my passion is — shooting great pictures and telling important stories that have the chance to move people and change the world. Nice work if you can get it! After a life of programming and design, I switched to photojournalism. I moved to Istanbul, Turkey, in 2001 and

Guest Post: Corona Courses at Otis College of Art and Design

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Are you a budding Corona developer? Crossman Wilkins, a seasoned developer, will be teaching two Corona courses through Otis College of Art and Design this summer. One course is a summer-long online class for newbies, and the other is a compressed in-person course for beginner/intermediate indies held at Otis College in Southern California. You’ll learn the ins and outs of developing with Corona and even leave with a portfolio of your very own apps  Don’t forget to register, to claim your spot. You could be on your way to developing the next blockbuster title by the end of the season! 

Guest Post: 18 Years to Our First App

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Steve Bullock is the founder of Adveractive Inc., and co-creator of Word Winder, a NOOK app for puzzle lovers and word game players. Word Winder was selected as App of the Week on Monday, and within just two weeks of release, it reached the #1 spot in both the board and word game categories on NOOK Apps. Congratulations to Steve and his fantastic team on their success! 

Guest post: Calling for a Corona Alliance

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Spain’s Corona Ambassador and owner of Inkubica Labs, Tomas Martinez Buero, is calling on developers around the world to form a Corona Alliance. The Spanish chapter’s first Corona SDK Meetup will be taking place on May 31 in Madrid – don’t forget to register if you’re in the area!