Kwik: Photoshop Plug-in for Artists, Storytellers and Designers

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Hello Corona readers – I am Alex Souza, owner of Kwiksher and creator of the Kwik Photoshop plug-in. I started my company Kwiksher about a year ago with the goal of developing software that would allow anyone to quickly create and easily publish interactive storybooks using Photoshop and Corona. Before Kwik came to be, I had developed an earlier tool, a Fireworks extension, which allowed users to export Fireworks files for use in Corona. All of the layer positioning and text are exported to a main.lua file for use in Corona. (This extension is still available for free here.) After my experience developing the Fireworks extension, Carlos Icaza of Ansca challenged me with the idea of developing the same kind of tool, but this time for Photoshop.

Developing Apps for a Pre-K Audience

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Inspired by his pre-k sons’ love of construction vehicles, Scott Adelman created the Kids Trucks educational app series. The interactive series includes colorful graphics and positive reinforcement, allowing young children to work on learning the alphabet, developing critical thinking skills, number identification and more in an engaging way. Check out Scott’s post below, for a range of helpful tips on creating mobile apps for tots. Stay tuned for Scott’s upcoming post on marketing apps for children!

Corona SDK Mobile Game Development Book – Note from Packt Publishing

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Early last week, Packt Publishing released Michelle Fernandez’s Corona SDK Mobile Game Development: Beginner’s Guide. Since its release, the book has enjoyed tremendous popularity, and is currently ranked #1 in Hot New Releases for Mobile & Wireless Programming. Packt Publishing’s Robin de Jongh introduces the book below, providing information on the publishing process, and details on the guide.

Three Simple Lessons From Loqheart

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Don-Duong Quach and David Ngo, the rocket scientist and programmer duo, share three valuable lessons on their development experience. Their first mobile title, Cannon Cat, hit the App Store today and has already received accolades from a number of review sites.  The super addicting game involves a flying cat that heroically saves skyfish from a crazed emu. With quirky characters and awesome graphics, we’re sure you’ll love it (we did!) – download it today and see for yourself.  

Q&A with Dr. Brian G. Burton, Corona Ambassador

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Dr. Brian G. Burton, Ed.D., is the owner of Burton’s Media Group, a Professor at Abilene Christian University and a Corona Ambassador. He’s also the author of Mobile App Development with Corona: Getting Started, a guide to using Corona to learn about mobile app and game development. Thank you, Dr. Burton, for sharing your journey with us! What is your background and experience in development? Like several other Corona developers, I got my start in the 1980’s. The TRS-80 came out while I was in high school and I was hooked! Despite hearing constantly that computers were a fad and that I should get a ‘safe’ factory job at GM, I decided to go to college and study Computer Science and Management Information Systems at Ball

Guest Blog Post “A Rough Road That Led To Spin Up”

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This weeks Guest Blog Post comes from Nenad Katic all the way from Valencia, Spain. Born in Belgrade, Sebria, Nenad started his design studio called “No Sheet“. Nenad was Director of Technology at Screampoint where he developed the world’s first real-time software for urban management. He shares with us the success of his first game and how Corona helped him embark on his interactive journey. Hi, I’m Nenad, and I’ll cut the long introduction short: I was everything from architect to software engineer to fitness writer before I settled on interaction design with focus on games. My transition from designing spaces to design and facilitation of actual human actions has been a long process that was influenced by the research on design thinking, cognitive and positive psychology, and especially

Guest Blog Post: “The Making of StreetFood Tycoon”

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This weeks Guest Blog Post comes from Erick Garayblas all the way from the Philippines. Eric’s first Corona SDK Game has already been downloaded over 30,000 times and has reached #1 in several iTunes AppStore Markets. Hi, I’m Erick Garayblas, from Manila, Philippines and Kuyi Mobile is my brainchild. I founded Kuyi Mobile in the summer of 2009 to produce hard-to-put-down, quality mobile games catering to a vast range of audiences, from kids to kids at heart. Just recently, I released my most ambitious iOS game to date–Streetfood Tycoon.  After having 7 casual games in the App Store for the past 3 years, I decided to embark on a bigger project and focus my efforts on a resource management and simulation game which took me

Guest Post: How Corona SDK changed my life…

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We’ve heard many users tell us about how Corona SDK changed their life. However, in Chris Martone’s case, Corona not only changed his life, but also enabled him to change other people’s lives through his Apps for Change project to help children in Africa bring their stories to life on the mobile platform. Be sure to donate to Chris’ cause at IndieGoGo. (a Kickstarter-type site) and read about his experience below… As a 22-year-old Pharmacy student, my life was on a path set far from my childhood dreams of game design. The growing pressure of a career I had no passion for eventually became too much, and I withdrew for graduate school and spent the next two years wandering aimlessly. My first experience with apps came in

Guest Post: @TokyoDan interviews himself about his journey in programming

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Hi, I am Dan Huffman, I’m originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania turned long-term resident (40+ years) of Tokyo, Japan. I am also the creator of The Octagon Theory, a two-player, turn-based strategy board game that was coded using Corona SDK. Given the opportunity to write a guest blogpost on Ansca Mobile‘s blog, I wasn’t quite sure where to start. So, I decided to style it like an interview – here is an interview of me, by me. How and why did you get into computing? I guess it was future shock! Back in the early 80’s, when I was in my early 30’s, I was looking at stereo equipment in a Tokyo electronics shop when I noticed some preteens (probably about 12 years old) standing in front

Guest Post: How my 7-year-old son and I created an awesome game with Corona SDK

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We’ve had a couple heartwarming instances where our users, have told us about how Corona SDK has become a family activity to spend some quality time with loved ones. And, seriously, how can we NOT love that? Below, Philip Mckellow tells the story of how he and his 7-year-old son Tyler (not to be confused with this Tyler) went about creating the “physics puzzler,” Spud Gun. This is the story behind how I created my first ever iPhone game with help from my young son and a lot of hard work which dates back over a year, and more importantly a lot of quality time with my little boy. Seeing my son so passionate about a particular subject and working with him on this project has