Guest Post: Corona SDK makes yummy game for the Dannon yogurt company

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Spain-based Karibu Games recently were tasked with developing a fun, branded children’s game for yogurt snack giant Dannon. Faced with a tight turnaround time and high expectations, Team Karibu turned to Corona SDK to knock their game out in two weeks’ time. Naturally, they succeeded in making a great-looking game that Dannon was quite pleased with. As you know by now, Corona users are no strangers to working with big-name brands! Karibu Games was founded exactly one year ago, on July 2010, as a result of a spinoff from another game dev studio which developed casual games for PC and Mac. I invested in that project but it didn’t work out — typical story of an entrepreneurial experiment that went bad. I then decided to

Guest Post: 3 months, 3 games on iPhone and Android

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Late last week, we were contacted by the team at Deadmans Productions about three games that they have recently released. And when I say “recently,” I mean they completely built them within the past three months! Not only that, but the Deadmans studio has even created their own Lua-based game engine on top of Corona to further expedite their own game-making operations. I know you wanna know all about it, so I’ll stop typing now… Deadmans Productions officially began development operations three months ago, this past May. Since that time, we have released three games on both Android and iOS platforms using Corona SDK. No other development platform offers this much market reach and speed of development. Our first game, released in June, was Undecided.

Guest Post: How ‘Dabbling’ with Corona SDK brought a dream to life

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Our latest App of the Week is the classically designed Dabble word game. Dabble was invented as a board game by 84-year-old George Weiss of Brooklyn. It was then picked up and brought to store shelves by the ironically named Ideas Never Implemented, and finally was brought to the iPhone (and soon to be iPad!) by indie developers Flashy Substance and using our very own Corona SDK! Below, Joe Flowers of Flashy Substance talks about how he decided to use Corona to bring Mr. Weiss’ dream to the mobile platform. Afterward, you can hear some thoughts directly from Mr. Weiss about the game itself. We’d been developing online games for years, and for several months we had been exploring using either Flash or native Objective-C to

Guest Post: Corona SDK = A family vacation?

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A few weeks ago, Gibibyte Games released their first mobile game, Color Confusion, after building it with Corona SDK.  The game currently is available on the Android Market (free version too!), Amazon Appstore, and most recently was chosen by Barnes & Noble for their NOOK Color tablet. Not bad for a first try! The Gibibyte team is comprised of four distinguished specialists:  Paul (developer), Ellie (graphics), Chase (lead beta tester), and Lilly (associate beta tester).  Their foray into gaming apps was born out of curiosity, and turned into a whole family endeavor! And I’m kinda mad we didn’t hire Chase and Lilly as our summer interns. I’m an Oracle programmer by day, and have been curious about mobile app development for some time. A few months

Guest Post: The secret “wheels” of an app

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Keith Phillips of Mudstuffing Industries is the creator of Redneck Jellyfish — our latest App of the Week! In a rare move for a developer, he fully reveals the secrets behind his in-game structure and mechanics. Be sure to check this out for some ingenious tips on bringing your ideas to life via Corona SDK. Also, as Keith himself says: Feel free to share your secrets, if you dare! Redneck Jellyfish was a first for us in two respects: It was our first video game and our first application using 2D physics. The physics engine in Corona SDK is powerful, and programming with it is a breeze. The only challenging part was planning out the mechanics for each of our characters — choosing what types of

Guest Post: Burning the midnight oil with Corona SDK

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Niels Vanspauwen is one of three co-founders of the mobile game studio Kidimedia, whose self-titled children’s app is fast becoming popular in the App Store. Below, Niels describes how the full-time duties of being dads made the Kidimedia team desire a quick and efficient means of developing apps without sacrificing an ounce of performance or quality. And with Corona SDK (as he writes) they found a winner! When Steve Jobs announced the iPad in January 2010, the first thought that crossed my mind was “This is going to revolutionize education!” Being a geek dad to three young kids, I had already witnessed first-hand how easy it is for them to operate an iPhone. The combination of the touch screen, the accelerometer, and Apple’s relentless focus

Guest Post: Hour-by-hour account of making a game with Corona SDK

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Earlier this year, we told you about the Techority 48-Hour Challenge app contest organized by our very own Peach Pellen. Although it has long been done, winner Mike Lorenz of Pixani Games now decided to give us an in-depth, hour-by-hour look at how he made the winning game Princess Pixani with Corona SDK. Corona is a remarkable platform for creating games for iOS and Android devices. I’ve been using it this year to create our upcoming game, Reflection Connection. This past February, Ansca Mobile sponsored The Techority 48 Hour Challenge, a competition to use Corona to produce a fully functional game in 48 hours. I was lucky enough to win the competition, and was honored when Carlos asked me to share my experiences on Corona’s

Guest Post: Corona birthday party-crashers

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We had some unexpected but very welcome guests last weekend at our Corona SDK birthday party. Los Gatos locals Chris Bryant and Jeanne Yee crashed our party and partook in a round of Bocce Ball with us to celebrate Corona’s third birthday and the launch of their new app Guitar School on iPhone and Android. Below, Chris and Jeanne chronicle their experience partying with Team Corona, and using Corona SDK for only the past couple months. And if their app is good enough, maybe the next birthday party can be a jam session? One does not attend a birthday party for a piece of software very often. It’s even less likely that particular piece of software happens to be your absolute favorite software, a tool

What’s more addictive: ‘Tiltopolis’ or Corona SDK?

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Our latest App of the Week Tiltopolis is a retro game with a modern, accelerometered twist. That means you’ll make full use of your iDevice’s 2011 capabilities while wasting hours of time while playing (and becoming addicted to) the game like it was 1986! Of course, we must applaud such a feat, and the people who make it possible. So, without further ado, here is creator Matthew Webster to talk about his accomplishment, and provide a glimpse into how his next creation might drop you further into your addiction to awesome games. Though I’ve played games for years, nobody told me when I started that writing a game from scratch (learning a new system, its language, foibles, and grasping the overall art of creating a game)