What's more addictive: 'Tiltopolis' or Corona SDK?

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Our latest App of the Week Tiltopolis is a retro game with a modern, accelerometered twist. That means you’ll make full use of your iDevice’s 2011 capabilities while wasting hours of time while playing (and becoming addicted to) the game like it was 1986! Of course, we must applaud such a feat, and the people who make it possible. So, without further ado, here is creator Matthew Webster to talk about his accomplishment, and provide a glimpse into how his next creation might drop you further into your addiction to awesome games. Though I’ve played games for years, nobody told me when I started that writing a game from scratch (learning a new system, its language, foibles, and grasping the overall art of creating a game)

2 Games 1 Month: The story of a Corona convertee

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Bay Area game studio Yobonja are releasing two games today: A massively updated version of their App of the Week winner Blast Monkeys and a brand new one called Tap Party 2. Below, designer Stepan Shurygin of the Retro Ink Graphic Design Company talks about how he worked on both games with the Yobonja guys and subsequently was exposed to “this new SDK” called Corona, and details how they ended up putting both games together in a month. From the looks of it, it looks like Step and the Yobonja guys will be sticking with Corona since “we simply couldn’t afford to spend months on a single project when we could rebuild and put together several new games in the same time frame.” You can get both, Blast

Guest Post: A crucial non-gaming Corona SDK app

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Community Sidekick (our latest App of the Week) is different from most apps that we’ve seen in that it’s not a fun, addictive game or an entertaining novelty app. Rather, it’s a potentially life-saving app (in case you’re keeping count: that’s the fourth time we’ve said that this week) designed to allow people with special needs live independently but still have the effective “safety net” of their caregiver. Here at Ansca, we are quite humbled that a company would entrust Corona SDK with such a crucial app. So, naturally, we asked Sidekick’s creators AbleLink Technologies “Why us?” Here’s what AbleLink founder/president Dan Davies told us… I can’t tell you how refreshing it’s been using the Corona SDK in our recent development efforts.  As a company

Corona SDK multi-touch helps "build a bridge between parents and kids"

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Keng-Fu Chu currently is a master’s degree candidate at  NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).  A a couple weeks ago, we chose his game ROBOT 99 as our App of the Week, which also happens to be his graduate thesis project. . We called the game “board games 2.0″ in our blogpost about it, and coincidentally Fu told us that he aimed to create a multi-touch game for families by creating ROBOT 99! . Currently, Fu is in need of more gameplay testing experiences from families or groups, in general. If you can help him out, feel free to e-mail him. He has put ROBOT 99 up totally FREE(!!!) for download at the App Store, so go get it and try it out!

Corona SDK helps the unemployed… No, really!

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A few days ago, we crowned Beachball Pop as our latest App of the Week. Now, Steeve Monniere of Chinchilla Games describes the process of building the game in a matter of days, and even touches upon the crucial aspect that Corona SDK played in allowing him and his partners to start Chinchilla Games, as a sustainable gaming startup. As a game developer, you soon realize that companies come and go. Contracts ends and, in this economy, you are never really assured where you are going to be or what you are going to do in the future. That is where we were 2 months ago when we started Chinchilla Games. We all come from another game company that went bankrupt, and we were all

Sowing the 'Garden of Orbs'

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Our latest App of the Week is Garden of Orbs – a very elaborately illustrated and constructed game (with 100 levels) that probably won’t be leaving your iDevice anytime soon. Now, creators Deric Daugherty and Don Foster of Furious Apps describe how Corona SDK reinvigorated their desire to make mobile games, and how it works great even if you’re “a designer first and novice programmer second.” Garden of Orbs was originally conceived about a year ago and we (Deric Daugherty and Don Foster) dabbled on and off with the concept for a few months.  We attempted to build the game with other drag-and-drop SDK’s but were not able to get the physics quite right, nor the performance levels close to what we needed or desired.  The

Corona SDK turns you into a FAST programmer!

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Our latest App of the Week was Blast Monkeys, which we loved for its goofiness as well as its well-designed gameplay. Now, Angelo Yazar of creators Yobonja! (exclamation point included) describes just how quickly they were able to make Blast Monkeys — and how they even had a little inspiration from a couple other Corona users too! Blast Monkeys began its life during a game jam experiment Tobiah and I did to as a way to check out Corona SDK. We sat down that day and both made a game. I made Test Monkeys, a game much like Blast Monkeys, except there was a limit on the number of monkeys you could blast. Tobiah made an interesting store keeper game where you buy and sell

Wanna know the REAL secret of Grisly Manor? It's Corona SDK!

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Joe Kauffman of Fire Maple Games just had his game The Secret of Grisly Manor chosen as our most recent App of the Week. We loved the game’s beautiful, immersive artwork and the variety of puzzles incorporated into its gameplay. Now, Joe details how he became a Corona user and why it has made his game better than ever before! The Secret of Grisly Manor was already a successful game on the App Store — but I still decided to rewrite it in Corona! The game was originally created with GameSalad, as were my other two games, Danger Cats! and Stunt Squirrels!. I was perfectly happy to keep working in GameSalad — until they announced that they were moving the company in a new direction. They

Why 'PipClock' creator Ruben Frosali had no fun coding in Objective-C

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Like many of our users, App of the Week honoree Ruben Frosali is a gaming nut — and we mean that in a good way! His love for gaming certainly shows in his app PipClock, as he faithfully re-creates elements from the Fallout universe for use on the iPhone. Below, he talks about using Corona SDK to create PipClock (his first-ever iPhone app) and why he gave up Objective-C after only two days. I am a video game geek, the kind that not only plays video games but also buys all the merchandise, concept art books, making-of DVD’s and action figures. Enjoying a video game, for me, is not just taking a virtual gun and shooting as many enemies as possible — it’s more about the story,

Guest Post: The Birth of Corona – Part I

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This is a guest post by Joseph DeSetto, co-founder of reallyMedia (winners of this week’s App of the Week) and a founding partner of LifeForms Creative. The latter’s initial product, LifeForms for iPad, is a PDF annotation tool for personal information management. Joe also authored The Business of Design and Flash MX: Rich Media for the Web and was a speaker at the 2009 HOW Design Conference. He can be found online at www.desetto.com or @desetto on Twitter. Dom Sagolla, before he was the author of 140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form, had just finished his presentation at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, Florida when I met him in the hallway back in late 2008. “Great presentation, Dom. It is cool you’ve