Guest Post: Corona SDK and eBooks, a match made in app heaven!

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Unicorn Labs‘ Mark Sigal talks about the evolution of eBooks, and just how Corona SDK allowed him and his team to create our latest App — err — eBook of the Week, Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race. For more from Mark, you can also check out a past interview and a quick blogpost we’ve done mentioning him and Unicorn Labs. I have written in the past about where I think eBooks are headed (“Rebooting the book”), but the essence is this:  Just as the advent of sound in motion pictures transformed not only how films were made, but also what they were and the economics behind them, such is the future for the book business and print media in general. Yet, the eBook business, as it exists

Guest Post: Zombies, ice cream, and how we fell in love with Corona…

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Fresh off claiming the inaugural win in our new App of the Week contest, Brock Henderson of Crawl Space Games shares with us why the Chicago-based studio decided to go with Corona despite already creating an excellent game without it before. Zombies Ala Mode is now available at the App Store in all its dairy-slinging glory. The development of Zombies Ala Mode is kind of a crazy story that the world ought to know. When we started building the game many months ago, we were still using Unity3D. We published our first game, Knife Toss, using that engine. So naturally, we thought that making our second game in it was the best option, since we had experience using it and its ability to do cross-platform publishing.