Corona Geek #43 – Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Gaming

This week we hung out with Kimberly Voll to discuss Gender Stereotypes in Gaming. Kimberly is organizing a hackathon July 12-14th at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. The goal of the event is to broaden perspectives about the role of females characters in games and to bring awareness to the issue.

App Monetization Using The Tap for Tap Plugin

This week we hung out with Eric Dyck and Phil Laird from Tap for Tap to talk about their new Corona SDK plugin. Tap for Tap offers app promotion and monetization for app developers looking to market their apps and increase their sales. Tap for Tap is a Featured Partner on the Corona SDK Plugin Directory.

Staff Conversation #6: Google Play Game Services

During this week’s Staff Conversations Hangout, we talked with Corona Labs’ Core Engineer, Danny Chan, about Corona SDK support for Google Play Game Services. Danny gave some excellent insights into how the gameNetwork API makes support for Google Play Game Services and iOS Game Center seamless.

Corona Geek #42 – Space Monsters Love Bullets

This week we hung out with Dean Murphy, Ed Maurina, Mark Eberhardt, Matthew Chapman, Michael Wilson, Mohamed Bennouf, Rob Englebright, Rob Haney, and Theo Rushin, Jr. to discuss the Space Monsters Love Bullets Kickstarter campaign, Tiled, and Corona Tiled.

Corona Geek #41 – Corona SDK Plugin Talk

This week we hung out with Dr. Brian Burton, Ed Maurina, Matthew Chapman, Rob Miracle, and Theo Rushin, Jr. to discuss Corona SDK plugins. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the Zip plugin and Ed Maurina shared his project for getting Green Throttle controller feedback to display in the Corona Simulator.

Hangout Highlights: Memory Management Tips

During Monday’s Hangout Ed Maurina showed off a sample app he created to demonstrate how device memory is affected when objects are set to nil at various stages of Storyboard development. You can download the code from his Roaming Gamer website. Thanks Ed!

Corona Geek #40 – Memory Management, Google IO, and Dilbert

This week we hung out with Ed Maurina, Gerald Bailey, Jesse Warden, Matthew Chapman, and Richard Harris to discuss memory management in Corona SDK. Ed did an excellent job of explaining the sample app he created after one of our previous Hangouts where we discussed Storyboard. His app demonstrates how memory is affected when objects are set to nil at various stages of development.

Corona Geek #39 – Creating Forever Lost, Episodes 1, 2, and 3

This week we hung out with Graham Ranson and Simon Pearce of Glitch Games to discuss how they designed and developed their hit game Forever Lost. Both game developers were brutally honest about the process and their design decisions. They also provided some encouraging insights into how two game developers make their living off of a popular game title.

Staff Conversation #5: Graphics 2.0 Demo

During today’s Staff Conversations hangout, Walter Luh demos some of the new 3D-like effects that will be possible as part of Corona SDK’s Graphics 2.0. As Walter explains, these types of effects are possible without a Z-axis, which helps to avoid unnecessary confusion for developers who want to include 3D-style animations in an app.