Corona Geek #74 – Creating Interactive Apps with Borderleap and Reel FX

During this episode of Corona Geek we hung out with Borderleap’s Nate Dicken and Reel FX’s Dale Carman to discuss app design, marketing, and interactive media. Nate recently created Fitnet, a virtual digital fitness studio for iPad that uses the iPad camera as a biometric sensor to track and grade your movements during workouts. Last Thanksgiving Reel FX launched their Free Birds movie to theaters along with a companion app built with Corona SDK. Dale shared his excitement about mobile and said his studio has clients who are very interested in developing mobile apps.

Corona Geek #73 – Game Development with Todd Cowden

During this episode of Corona Geek we hung out with Todd Cowden, creator of Aniballs and the upcoming Trashtronauts. Todd has developed a wide range of games. From an app to promote Universal Studio’s Lorax movie to environmental awareness education apps, Todd brings a unique design perspective to each project. Todd shared great insights into how he creates games from concept to final launch.

Corona Geek #71 – PreApps CEO, Sean Casto Talks About App Marketing Before Launch

During today’s Hangout PreApps CEO, Sean Casto talked about the importance of marketing apps early. Sean explained how PreApps helps developers and consumers come together in mutually rewarding ways. PreApps provides developers with tools and resources to help them get exposure, collect feedback, acquire beta testers, and establish an audience before their apps reach the app store, while users earn rewards for participating.

Corona Geek #70 – Illustrator, App Developer Laura Tallardy On Creating Mobile Apps

During the last Corona Geek Hangout of 2013, we talk with App Developer / Illustrator Laura Tallardy about what it’s like to be both artist and app developer. Laura has an excellent portfolio of themed children’s apps and several holiday themed apps that she maintains across iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook. She has an interesting story about how she made the transition from artist to app developer. Laura also shared several excellent work flow tips and her advice to just, “get it shipped” was a powerful part of the conversation.