Apple vs Amazon

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Apple vs Amazon

September has been an exciting month in mobile, or more generally, connected devices. Last week, Amazon announced two new Kindle Fires and is trying to move into iPad-sized tablets. In spite of the controversy over ads displayed on the lock screen, it’s a very compelling price point.

Perhaps most interesting is how Amazon views Android. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says “it’s a base operating system layer”, like Linux but with a lot of customization. In other words, they’re not in the game of making Android devices; they’re making Kindles.

App of the Week: Baby Soother Seal

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Baby Soother icon

This week’s App of the Week, Baby Soother Seal, is an essential tool for helping parents calm, soothe, and settle crying infants. The app hit #1 for lifestyle and #6 overall in the South Korea App Store, and was even featured by Apple shortly after its release in April.

App of the Week: Aliens Abducted

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Aliens Abducted icon

While Prince Harry romped through Vegas, I spent the week sharpening my geography skills with the Corona-made game, Aliens Abducted. I learned 150 countries and flags in the process, and can now rock Wednesday night trivia with my newly gained knowledge.

App of the Week: The Stolen Stars

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Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 9.12.51 AM

The “choose your own adventure” genre has been a longtime favorite of children everywhere since the late 1970’s. This week’s App of the Week, The Stolen Stars, is the perfect transition to the digital medium, allowing readers to interact with the story and play a hand in the plot.