Pathological sleep disorder on iOS

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Soon after the rollout of our new audio engine, a few of our users reported some performance problems. We believe we have fixed this performance problem, but the problem itself was actually a rather bizarre bug that seems to be an Apple performance problem. So, I thought it might make for an interesting blog post.

Corona Comics Tutorial: Inking your comic art

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Fresh off the release of his first couple comic apps for iPad, Dwayne of DieHard is back with another installment of his Corona Comics Tutorial series. In this video, Dwayne shows you the fine craft of inking your comic book artwork. Apparently, this process was waaay harder back before tablet computers (and Corona) came along! And in case you missed them, you can check out Dwayne’s previous comic tutorial videos below: Word Balloons Special Effects with Text

Corona Comics Tutorial: Special Effects with Text

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KA-THOOM!!!!!! Dwayne of DieHard Studio Entertainment is back with another installment of his Corona Comics tutorials showing you how to easily jazz up your iPad comics made with Corona. In this segment, Dwayne tackles special effects tricks with text to give your comics that extra “pop” to make them jump off the screen… …And in case you missed it, you can see Dwayne’s first segment about Corona Comics from last week, which showed how to easily make word balloons.

Mark Sigal of Unicorn Labs reveals the 'Anatomy of an eBook'

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Last month, we talked to Mark Sigal of Unicorn Labs about his eBook Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race for iPad. At that time, Rabbit and Turtle had already cracked the Top 10 on the App Store’s list of top free eBooks. Since then, it has been featured by Apple on the iPad front page and gone on to become the #12 top-grossing (that means paid!) eBook for iPad. Naturally, people wanted to know Mark and Unicorn’s secret to making a best-selling eBook. So, yesterday he penned a guest piece for the O’Reilly Radar offering his insight from creating the top-selling Rabbit and Turtle, and gives plenty of praise to Corona in doing so. You can read the full piece by clicking the screenshot below: “Rabbit and

Corona Comics Tutorial: Word Balloons

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After Tim’s introduction to the newly revitalized Corona Comics yesterday, we thought we’d waste no time in showing you how to make your own iPad comics. One of the most important elements of comic books is word balloons. In the video below, artist Dwayne Ferguson of DieHard Studio Entertainment walks you through the process of creating word balloons for your comics using art software that most of you already have. Dwayne will be contributing more tutorials like this from now on, so all you aspiring iComic artists might want to check in regularly for those!

There's a chill in the AIR

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Fall is making a tentative foray into the morning air. It’s a bit chilly but once risen, the sun quickly warms one’s skin. This is California: we don’t have ostentatious seasons, we have ephemeral ones. You might feel a bit of a chill when the leaves turn color, but then the sun returns and it feels like summer again for a few days. Then that euphoria goes too and the fog rolls in. It’s a bit like that with Adobe AIR for mobile. Yay, it’s here for iPhone! No, it’s not. Yay, it’s back on iOS! Yay, it’s shipping for Android!  So, you consider as the sun warms your fingers, is now the time to go mobile with an AIR based strategy? It does, in

Unicorn Labs discuss creating a Top 10 eBook with Corona

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This past week, Unicorn Labs’ first eBook Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race reached #6 on the App Store’s list of top free eBooks! The Corona-created children’s eBook is available for the iPad, and Unicorn says there surely will be more coming in the future. Down below, Unicorn talks to us about making their first eBook…

Multi-touch and Physics in Corona Game Edition (with Video!)

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In this short video (shot and edited on an iPhone 4) we show multitouch support and physics in the form of collisions. All of this was written in Corona Game Edition by one of our developers in less than half an hour, using an upcoming library that makes any physics object draggable in one line via “touch joints”. We actually think this might be the only multitouch implementation of Box2D 2.1 — at the very least, it’s the easiest one to use! On a techie geeky note, this video was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4, Christopher Peri has a short write up on his blog. Download your own 30 day trial of Game Edition, and feel free to use any of our sample

Corona Workshop in the Bay Area This Saturday!

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This week, not only are we launching new versions of Corona, but we’re also showing you how to use them! On Saturday, September 18, we’ll be leading a “Beginning iPhone/iPad App Development with Corona” workshop at Northwestern Polytechnic University in Fremont. Our very own CTO Walter Luh and senior engineer Evan Kirchhoff will be running the show, so rest assured you’ll be getting top-quality instruction! Be sure to check out the Meetup page for more details, including RSVP info and a list of software t0 have pre-installed before coming. Admission is $20, to cover the space rental. We only have a few more spots left, so don’t wait to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Targeting your mobile apps? Don’t forget about Asia!

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A couple weeks ago, we blogged how smartphone sales were growing in the U.S. and worldwide, opening up a larger market for mobile apps and gaming. Well, it seems like this is especially true across the Pacific! Earlier this week, the new iPhone 4 went up for presale in South Korea. The resulting avalanche of preorders (130,000 in 13 hours!) crashed the servers of KT Corp., the Korean iPhone carrier. By comparison, the previous iPhone 3GS presold 60,000 units on its first day in Korea late last year. Even though these numbers barely compare to U.S. iPhone 4 preorders from this past June, (600,000 on the first day, which also crashed servers) they illustrate the mobile market that is emerging in the Far East. In