“Core Damage” gets a 9 out of 10

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It makes me really happy when I read a review about a game that was developed using Corona and getting a 9 out of a 10 rating. “Core Damage” is such a game and its review at The iPhone App Review is phenomenal. “Like I said, I love games that use the accelerometer in unique and interesting ways – and maybe I’m a little bit biased toward that end – but Core Damage is a really fun and addictive game. Well worth a look!” Am happy. Am sure the folks at Comrade Software are happy too. Thank you guys for a great game and for using Corona! Carlos

App Store Approvals Suddenly Much Faster?

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As iPhone developers know, Apple shut down iTunes Connect and their App Store approval pipeline for a few days over Christmas. When it came back, everything looked about the same — except for increasing anecdotal evidence that approval times have gotten a lot shorter. The classic pattern used to be that nothing got through in less than two weeks, and some apps took much longer. In a simple case, it would generally take about a week for an uploaded binary to move from “Waiting for Review” to “In Review”, and then there might be another week before approval (or rejection). Since the holidays, I’ve personally seen an app submitted at the end of a week go into review on the weekend, and receive approval by

The next 15 $50 contributors to Mobile Orchard get Corona for free!

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Need a last-minute gift for somebody, or for yourself? We’re giving away free copies of the Corona SDK 1.0 (a $99 value) to the next 15 people who contribute $50 to Mobile Orchard. This is in addition to the other $600 worth of goodies that their $50 contributors will receive. Apart from the obvious value of this holiday offer, Mobile Orchard is a site worth contributing to, and reading regularly. It’s a great resource for all iPhone developers, with useful news, tutorials, and interesting podcasts. Check it out! (Update, Jan. 1: The Mobile Orchard promotion has ended. Happy New Year!)

Flash CS5 public beta cancelled

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From the Adobe Flash Platform Blog, earlier today: There will not be a beta for Flash Professional CS5 Adobe is no longer planning to release a public beta of Adobe Flash Professional CS5. This is a change from the plan that we announced in October at Adobe MAX 2009…. We understand that some people will be disappointed. Many of us were looking forward to a beta. But in the end, we think that what is most important is to get the release version completed and in your hands as quickly as possible. There will not be a beta for Flash Professional CS5 Adobe is no longer planning to release a public beta of Adobe Flash Professional CS5. This is a change from the plan that we

Million Dollar Baby: Making a lucrative app

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Colorado-based startup Occipital hit quite the milestone this week: their iPhone app RedLaser topped $1 million in revenue. Co-founder Jeff Powers told TechCrunch yesterday that RedLaser got immensely popular (it has been in the App Store’s top 5 paid apps for the past 3 months) without any heavyweight PR/marketing campaign, but rather through pure word-of-mouth. I will pause here to let you wipe the drool off your chin… So what exactly is RedLaser? It’s a barcode-scanning app that uses the video camera function of the iPhone 3GS (get with the times, 3G users!) to read product barcodes. The app can then  provide you with a litany of related information like prices at other stores, product reviews, etc. Here’s a quick video of Occipital’s million dollar baby

Google Phone!

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Google has the hype machine running on overdrive! On the same day that blogs (e.g. here) are posting about the rumored Google phone, The New York Times posts an article confirming its existence: “Google plans to begin selling its own smartphone early next year, company employees say, a move that could challenge Apple’s leadership in one of the fastest-growing and most important technologies in decades.” Were it not for the fact that I actually got to play with one this evening, I’d be echoing the sentiments of skeptics, those who would have honed in on the phrase “company employees say” in the above quote and dismissed the article as falling prey to the Android PR Hype Machine: Who exactly are these anonymous company employees? Interestingly, 10,000

Droid: a mini-review

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(1) The difference between Apple and Motorola is that Apple will trade antenna design or call quality for slightly cooler case design; meanwhile, the Droid is built like a tank, does phone calls really well, and looks like it belongs in a belt holster. Also, the default email alert tone is “Droooiiiidddddd!!” Either you find this charming or you don’t, and if you do, there is a quite high probability that your job title contains the word “engineer”. (2) The screen is gorgeous, albeit fingerprint-greedy, and the Google-designed interface is surprisingly polished; in fact, it’s the first sign that the notion of “polishing an interface” in the Apple/Palm sense has actually occurred to Google, Inc. But it retains some puzzling choices from earlier versions of

Hello, Droid

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One of the best things about working in mobile is that you have an ironclad excuse for checking out new gadgets. Of course I carry an iPhone everywhere I go, loaded with eight pages of apps, TV shows, and ebooks, but I’ve never really used it as a telephone. I don’t even know what its number is; I probably have ten thousand rollover minutes. The problem is that the AT&T voice network in San Francisco is heavily congested, and it’s even worse at any tech event because everyone walks in with an iPhone. At Adobe MAX this year, I stood two feet from Dale Rankine and called his iPhone, and it didn’t even ring. And that wasn’t as bad as the notorious stories from South

“Are you guys at war with Adobe?”

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A question I often hear, especially since Adobe announced the Flash CS5 cross-compiler for iPhone and we put a cheeky comparison chart on our site, is “are you guys at war with Adobe?” I can see where this comes from, but it’s funny in two ways. First of all, Ansca is heavily ex-Adobe — even I worked there for awhile in 2008-09 — and we’ve all still got friends inside that company that we see on a regular basis. In “creative/geek” circles around San Francisco, it’s pretty much impossible to toss a rock into a party and not hit a bunch of Adobe or ex-Adobe people (and the rest are Apple staff being annoyingly tight-lipped about the Tablet). And as a personal confession — hopefully