App of the Week: What the Block?!

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Using a clever and intuitive physics-based game design, What the Block?! is a challenging game that will put both your strategic thinking skills and your dexterity to the test. Based on Tetris-like principles, What the Block?! requires careful planning to successfully progress in the game.

App of the Week: Vidburn

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Vidburn is the ideal way to capture and share your most creative, silly and provocative moments without leaving a digital trace. Recently featured in Gizmodo and Business Insider, Vidburn is a free app for your iPhone that allows you to flex your creative muscle.

App of the Week: Blendamaze

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Blendamaze will bring out your inner artist as you swirl colors to create beautiful combinations. Incorporating the basics of color theory, Blendamaze combines a labyrinth board with a paint palette, turning your device into a digital canvas.

Spreading some holiday cheer with new Corona features!

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Happy holidays from Corona Labs

Today was supposed to be the end of the world, so if you’re reading this, you survived!

To celebrate, I wanted to talk about some early holiday gifts that Corona Labs is sending your way.

We just made available a couple of cool new features in Corona SDK‘s daily builds.

The features I’ll highlight today were made possible by Project Gluon, which as you may recall from last week, enables Corona plugins.

Device Detection

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Developing for multiple devices and OS versions might seem tricky, but it’s easier if you build a comprehensive module to detect different hardware models. This week’s tutorial steps you through the entire process, allowing you to modify both content and capabilities depending on the actual device. Read further to learn how it’s done!