Targeting your mobile apps? Don’t forget about Asia!

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A couple weeks ago, we blogged how smartphone sales were growing in the U.S. and worldwide, opening up a larger market for mobile apps and gaming. Well, it seems like this is especially true across the Pacific! Earlier this week, the new iPhone 4 went up for presale in South Korea. The resulting avalanche of preorders (130,000 in 13 hours!) crashed the servers of KT Corp., the Korean iPhone carrier. By comparison, the previous iPhone 3GS presold 60,000 units on its first day in Korea late last year. Even though these numbers barely compare to U.S. iPhone 4 preorders from this past June, (600,000 on the first day, which also crashed servers) they illustrate the mobile market that is emerging in the Far East. In

Math with Mathaliens creator talks Corona-made educational apps

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Bohumil Vosicky of Czech Republic-based 22learn talks to us about the extra challenges that go into creating educational apps for children, and why he thinks Corona is the best for doing so. You can check out Bohumil’s recently launched Math with Mathaliens for iPad in the App Store. First off, can you tell me about your background as a developer? What platforms and languages do you have experience in, and which one do you prefer most? It’s been about twenty years now since my wife and I decided to leave our careers as teachers and shifted our efforts towards the development of educational software. Initially, we primarily focused on software for primary schools and eventually succeeded in building one of the most respected companies in

Android outsells iPhone: cross-platform development is a must!

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Yesterday, an NPD Group report revealed that Android devices were the top-selling smartphones in the U.S. last quarter. Android devices made up 33% of newly bought smartphones, BlackBerries dropped nine points from Q1 to 28%, and iPhones  comprised 22%. Cross-platform development now is a necessity. While the iPhone traditionally held the overwhelming majority of app market share for years, the Android app market has been catching up quickly over the past several months. Just this past week, the Android Market doubled in size from three months ago to the 100,000 apps landmark. As the Android Market grows, Apple is likely to step up efforts to keep its App Store as the largest mobile app outlet. The resulting “apps race” — exponentially increasing both markets’ app

Hop to the Top with Corona SDK: David Fox of Orange Fox Games interview

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Last week, David Fox of Orange Fox Games saw his Hop to the Top iPhone game enter the App Store.  This week, he talks to us about the making of his game, and why he switched to Corona in order to build it. You can learn more about Hop to the Top at the Orange Fox web site. Starting off, what’s your background as a developer? What’s your preferred platform to create for? When I was about 11, I took a summer camp course on the basics of Flash.  This got me interested in the development of games, specifically for the web.  A few years later, I paired up with my development partner Ryan (co-creator of Hop to the Top) in high school and we decided

Interview with Matt Pringle, Alien Horde

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We recently spoke with Matt Pringle, designer and author of the new game Alien Horde, about his experiences developing the game. You can learn more about the game at, and a video is on youtube. Tell us a bit about yourself, what kinds of work you have done. I’m a graphic designer by trade and have worked as one for 10 years now. I started out studying Aerospace Engineering at University but I wanted to do something a little more creative so I decided to become a designer. I’ve worked for clients such as Electronic Arts and 3DO in the game industry producing renderings, packaging and logo designs. These days I mostly design and build websites, working for a design company in Manchester, England.

Corona SDK 2.0 Public Beta

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In case you missed last week’s email: Corona SDK 2.0 Beta 4 is now available as a public trial, featuring multi-platform authoring for iPhone, iPad and Android. Both subscribers and trial users can download the beta here. If your Corona trial period has already expired and you’d like it extended for another 30 days to try the new features, that’s no problem: simply email your request to Until our 2.0 beta period ends later in June, you can still subscribe to Corona at the introductory rate of $99 — and, as we previously announced, you will also receive an upgrade to the full version of Corona SDK 2.0 (a $249 value) at no additional charge. What’s New in Corona? New Corona simulators for iPad and Android, including zoom

Thoughts on Apple and Adobe

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Update: Fake Steve agrees with me that it was a bad romance. It dawned on me recently that the best way to understand the very public and continuing spat between Apple and Adobe is to think in terms of a marriage gone bad, one that’s been heading south for quite some time. In Good Times and in Bad During their honeymoon, Apple and Adobe did (insanely) great things together. SJ (Steve Jobs) calls this period their “golden years”, reminiscing how “the two companies worked closely together to pioneer desktop publishing and there were many good times.” But over the years, the relationship has gone through multiple ups (product launches on Apple products like Postscript, Photoshop, and Illustrator) and downs (product competition like postscript fonts vs

Introducing Corona Game Edition

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Our recently announced Corona roadmap features a new section named “Corona Game Edition”. I’d like to describe exactly what that is and how  it differs from Corona SDK 2.0. As Walter discussed in a previous post, Corona apps are actually built around a classic game-development structure: an Objective-C/C++ engine driven by compiled Lua. This architecture is common not only on iPhone, but on console games in general. After looking at the number of apps that our customers have written, as well as apps currently in progress, we learned that more than 50% were game apps. We therefore started to add features to Corona that are primarily of interest to game developers — the most obvious examples being a physics engine, texture-memory optimization techniques, social gaming APIs, and

Lua: the lingua franca of iPhone games

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In times like these, it helps to look at the company you keep — and if you are a Corona developer, you should find comfort knowing that you’re building apps in exactly the same way as top iPhone game studios. These developers all depend on Lua to create their iPhone apps, so if Apple’s new rules were interpreted literally, it would immediately impact star players and top-selling apps. Developer Louis Gerbarg illustrates the consequences, assuming Apple would be reckless enough to apply its new rules to Lua-based games: “This affects major app store publishers, like EA, Gameloft, Tapulous, and ngmoco. Looking at the top ten lists on the app store right now I see several titles that I know have embedded Lua interpreters.” This developer’s

Corona and iPhone OS 4.0

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UPDATE: Go here to learn more about how Corona apps are no different from #1-selling iPhone apps. First and foremost I want to thank all of our Corona developers, friends and family for their support regarding the new Apple 4.0 OS Terms of Service Agreement (TOS) on how it could affect you, our developers, and us, as a tools company. Let me reassure all of you that we will do whatever it takes to make this work, just like we have been doing since Corona first started shipping. I believe that Corona will be fine, and we are committed to delivering the best tool for multi-platform game and app creation for Apple and Android devices, and we will continue to add new features to Corona