Here today, gone tomorrow

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We still have several months to go, but one thing is certain: we’ll remember 2011 as the year that major mobile platforms started going extinct. Six months ago, Nokia’s CEO announced that their entire Symbian software stack was a burning platform. RIP Symbian. Just last week, HP discontinued the Touchpad. The fate of WebOS is unclear, but judging by their forum traffic (18 folks online as I type this) the writing’s on the wall. When two of the largest companies in the world throw in the towel, you have to wonder who’s next. You would have thought that Symbian and WebOS were “too big to fail” given the companies that were backing them. But that’s the thing about platforms. Building one is really really tough.

Corona SDK apps take 7 of top 20 spots on NOOK Color

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That’s right! Corona-made apps by Toy Studio (four apps!), Crawl Space Games, Fire Maple Games, and the indomitable Yobonja currently make up seven the top 20 games on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color tablet. Check out the full chart below:

Recap: Barnes & Noble workshop for Corona SDK

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The Barnes & Noble boardroom was quite the happening place a couple days ago! Barnes & Noble put on a NOOK Color app development workshop aimed specifically at Corona SDK developers… …Naturally, we were invited to help answer questions about what’s coming in the (very) near future from us for the NOOK, and how we’re working with Barnes & Noble to make NOOK development a reality for many Corona developers. B&N’s own Chief Developer Evangelist Ted Patrick was on hand to show attendees the ropes of developing for the NOOK and collecting revenue from sales.

Corona SDK apps in NOOK top 10 list

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A couple weeks back, we told you about how Corona SDK now will let you develop apps for the NOOK Color. Now, The site Nook App Review has compiled a list of the top-selling apps for the NOOK Color‘s first month — and two Corona-made apps are in the top 10! 5.) Float by Crawl Space Games is just $1 and rated very highly by nearly everyone who bought it (58 reviews, mostly 5-star). Verdict: At $1 there’s nothing to lose. 8.) The Secret of Grisly Manor is a puzzle mystery game. It’s $1.99 and across 50 reviews the consensus is that it’s fun but short. This has excellent graphics. Verdict: Buy it if you like mysteries/puzzles and don’t mind a shorter game. Holy AWESOME!!!!! Big congrats