Kwik: Photoshop Plug-in for Artists, Storytellers and Designers

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Hello Corona readers – I am Alex Souza, owner of Kwiksher and creator of the Kwik Photoshop plug-in. I started my company Kwiksher about a year ago with the goal of developing software that would allow anyone to quickly create and easily publish interactive storybooks using Photoshop and Corona. Before Kwik came to be, I had developed an earlier tool, a Fireworks extension, which allowed users to export Fireworks files for use in Corona. All of the layer positioning and text are exported to a main.lua file for use in Corona. (This extension is still available for free here.) After my experience developing the Fireworks extension, Carlos Icaza of Ansca challenged me with the idea of developing the same kind of tool, but this time for Photoshop.

Cyber Monday Corona SDK giveaway

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I’ll cut right to the chase:  If you buy Corona SDK PRO from now until December 31, 2011, you can get Corona Project Manager (a $74.99 value) for free. E-mail us your proof of Corona SDK PRO subscription purchase to get the registration key to enable your CPM copy. Not valid with any other coupons, discounts or educational subscription purchases. If you bought a Corona SDK PRO subscription between November 1st and November 24th, you may be eligible for Corona Project Manager at a 40% off. Email us at for details.

(Part 4) Automated Testing on the iOS Simulator: Scripting Bridge/LuaCocoa & System Events

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We allow Corona developers to also build for the Xcode iOS Simulator. Sometimes the simulator is preferable to our Mac or Windows simulator because the Xcode Simulator behaves more like a real device. Since we officially support the Xcode Simulator, we run our automated tests on the Xcode iOS Simulator to help verify our stuff actually works. While we could theoretically reuse the same process of scripting Xcode that we described in Part 2, we opted for a slightly different approach. As described in Part 2, Xcode 4 broke everything so we didn’t want to put this in the same critical path. Furthermore, Xcode 4 has some very nice speed improvements and reduces our build times to almost half. So instead, we simply use the command

More free stuff: Corona Project Manager!

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Thank you all for the great support and special thanks goes to Jay for being part of our promotion. We officially ran out of the 25 copies of Corona Project Manager. Yes, you read that right, we ran out in the first hour of running the promo. Thank you all for participating. . Earlier this month, we gave away a few free copies of Spriteloq to celebrate its launch by our friends at Loqheart. Judging by how quickly we ran out (and the avalanche of e-mails I continue to get about it), it seems like that giveaway was a runaway success. So, we’re doing it again! This time, we’re giving away 25 free copies of Corona Project Manager, which just recently topped 500 users of its own.

Wanna get the Spriteloq Flash exporter for free?

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A couple weeks back, we told you about Spriteloq, a tool for Flash developers to easily export their Flash sprites and animations to Corona SDK, without remaking them… …Now, the guys at Loqheart are teaming up with us on one heckuva deal. We have a limited number — literally, a mere handful — of Spriteloq copies on hand, and we’re looking to give them away for free!