New for iPad: Sound Spinner – Barnyard Edition By Trapping Ackbar

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Entertain and educate your toddler with the fun spinning action of Sound Spinner! The Barnyard Edition of the Sound Spinner app, made with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is a fun way for children to learn about animals with illustrations and real animal sounds. Spin the farmer and hear the sound of the animal he points to, or tap an animal directly to hear the sound it makes. Quality, varied animal sounds will delight youngsters! Need a little peace and quiet? Turn the audio off with the touch of a button. Want to quiz your young one? Turn the animal labels off. Combine these two toggles to quiz for audio, visual, and reading recognition. A great and fun way to introduce young ones to technology

Alien Horde by Matthew Pringle

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You are the last surviving member of a UNMC rescue party. Your whole squad murdered by hostile alien life forms. Surrounded, they are attacking you from all sides. The only option is to fight, take as many of them with you as you can. Turn the marine with the on screen controls, the accelerometer or the compass to get an alien in your sights. Wait for the scanner to lock on, press shoot and boom! No more alien… Your shotgun shells are your life, run out and you won’t survive the next close encounter. When an alien gets too close you use up one shell defending yourself. Every 500 points you get an extra shell, if you can survive that long… Alien Horde, made with

New for iPhone: A Temple A Day by

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A Temple A Day, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, selects and displays a different LDS (Mormon) Temple around the world, every day. Features include: – Information about the Temple – Call Temple – See map with Temple coordinates – Share info to your Facebook account – In landscape mode, see full Temple picture

New for iPhone: TWIN STRIKER by Designium

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TWIN STRIKER, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is addictive, simple to play and undeniably fun. TWIN STRIKER is a versus pinball game, which you can play with a friend by using only 1 iPhone. You just move bars to hit a ball towards the friend goal. This game is just that good! Check out the video posted on YouTube by Designium:

New for iPhone: Pandabella by mostwanted studio

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Pandabella, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, will give away a FREE HUMAN SIZE PANDA Soft toy for the top player ending 24:00:00, 31st December. In the beautiful winter of Pandaland, the sky snowed white magic bells every day. A panda baby named “BAOBAO” dreamed of flying to the moon by stepping on the bells. He is hoping that someone can help him make his dream come true.

New for iPad: Clax HD by

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Clax HD, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, brings all of the addictive color matching greatness and sweet clacking action of the original, but in a classy new package. A fresh experience rewritten from the ground up, specifically for the iPad, with loads of new features and improvements. Including gorgeous new 3d and 2d graphics. Kids LOVE this game. Especially the younger ones. Watch their skills improve alongside yours! Features 8 difficulties 3 ball sizes 2 ball styles Full rotation support (there is no ‘up’) Intuitive pick up and play design Local score system Hover over balls to see what will be removed Shake the iPad to quickly start a new game Games in progress are saved and reloaded on start Twitter and facebook

New for iPhone: Super Poker Solitaire by Ludicrous Software

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Super Poker Solitaire, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, challenges and hones your poker skills. Try to make the best possible poker hands from the randomly dealt cards. But each card is part of two poker hands, so you have to think and plan ahead to make the best hands you can to score the most points!

New for iPhone: Self-Esteem Meditations by Kresimir Cvitanovic

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Self-Esteem Meditations, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, engages your mind with quotes from Nathaniel Branden, bestselling author of books ‘How to Raise Your Self-Esteem’ and ‘The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem’. This application shows a different quote each day of the year. Tap in order to revisit a quote you liked, then shake your iPhone to see today’s quote. “If you don’t like your life now, write a list of what you don’t like about it and begin to develop some strategies out of it.”

New for iPhone: An Ultimate Coins Game by Flavio Passa (VLS)

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An Ultimate Coins Game, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, includes more than 80 levels to test your ability with coins. More than 10 different currencies from around the world: US Dollar, Argentinean Peso, Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, French Euro, Honk Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Taiwan Dollar  and South African Randa. Special features: High Quality graphics Easy and natural interface Shake More than 80 levels Bonus points and time Special coins: Silver and Gold mints.

New for iPhone: Knight’s Puzzle by Ludicrous Software

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Knight’s Puzzle, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is a challenging solitaire game in which the goal is to exchange the positions of the black and white knights in as few moves as possible. Knight’s Puzzle includes two different board sizes (5 x 5 and 7 x 7) and keeps track of your lowest score for each board.