FAQ Wednesday

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It’s Wednesday and time for another five frequently asked questions (FAQ). Question 1 Should I use PNG or JPG image files in Corona? Answer The answer depends on the quality of the images you need and the size of your app package. Corona supports 32 bit PNG and 32 bit JPGs. PNG supports transparencies with loss-less compression where JPGs are compressed (lossy) but supports a wider range of colors. PNG files are generally a larger file size than JPGs for the same resolution. This can affect the size of your app package. As for the amount of texture memory consumed, both PNG and JPG take up the same amount of openGL memory because the images are uncompressed when loaded into memory. You should also be

FAQ Wednesday

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This is a new series of blog posts that will appear every Wednesday and covers five frequently asked questions (FAQ) from support cases, the forum, and documentation comments. Hopefully there will be something here for both the experienced Corona users and those using Corona for the first time. So let’s get started.

Corona Engineering: Kicking it up a notch!

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Team Corona! It seems like only yesterday when Corona just existed as a concept — that anyone should be able to take their idea, build an app, and share their creation with the world. Since those early days, we’ve worked incredibly hard to deliver the world’s best experience for building apps. And it’s personally gratifying to see the Corona community grow from a handful of developers into a thriving, passionate community of developers spanning the globe. We’ve come a long way, but we’re always striving to be better. So to paraphrase celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, we’re going to kick it up another notch! We are rebooting engineering in the following 3 areas:

(Part 4) Automated Testing on the iOS Simulator: Scripting Bridge/LuaCocoa & System Events

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We allow Corona developers to also build for the Xcode iOS Simulator. Sometimes the simulator is preferable to our Mac or Windows simulator because the Xcode Simulator behaves more like a real device. Since we officially support the Xcode Simulator, we run our automated tests on the Xcode iOS Simulator to help verify our stuff actually works. While we could theoretically reuse the same process of scripting Xcode that we described in Part 2, we opted for a slightly different approach. As described in Part 2, Xcode 4 broke everything so we didn’t want to put this in the same critical path. Furthermore, Xcode 4 has some very nice speed improvements and reduces our build times to almost half. So instead, we simply use the command

Sample code: ‘Tilt Monster’ game now open source!

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By now, you probably know Jonathan Beebe quite well around these here parts. After all, he was our first-ever Corona wunderkind, selling over 300,000 copies of his Tilt Monster game on iPhone! Now, Jon has decided to make that very same game open source to everyone – he’s either crazy, generous, or a little from Column A and a little from Column B. Be sure to tell Jon how crazy and/or generous you think he is, and any other thoughts you might have about his game on Twitter or in the comments section after you read. You may have already read my previous interview published here quite a while back, but in case you haven’t, I’ll give you a quick re-cap. In the interview, I

Sample code: ‘Angry Birds’ Catapult

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You might have already gotten an idea of how to do it via our open source game Ghosts vs. Monsters, but now we’ve added a piece of mobile sample code solely for building an Angry Birds catapult in Corona… Thanks to the team at Fixdit for adding this to our Code Exchange! And if you have some awesome sample code that we (and the rest of the Corona SDK community) should see, definitely add it to our Code Exchange as well. After all,  users are what makes Corona go ’round!

Sample code: Air Hockey

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Check this out! It’s a two-player iPad air hockey sample code that some of you might have missed in our Corona Code Exchange… …Also, we now will be posting all of our new sample code on GitHub, so be sure to follow us (or “watch” us, or whatever the proper terminology is) over at GitHub.com/Ansca.

More Flash treats…

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Yesterday, introduced our new sub-forum for Flash developers. Now, we’ve put together an index of side-by-side code comparisons demonstrating just how easy it is for Flash devs to cross over to Corona SDK! Case in point: